Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Joke of the Day.

Here's a joke for you...

An older man knew his wife was losing her hearing and thought he'd see how bad it was. 
He walked up behind her while she was washing dishes and said, "Can you hear me?"
No answer.  So he got a little closer.
"Can you hear me?"
No answer again.  So he got up right behind her.
"Can you hear me?"
His wife turned around and said,
"For the third time YES!"


Enjoy your Tuesday.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Moment In My Day.

Had the old mamms grammed yesterday.  As the tech was, um, you know, putting things in place, she asked how old I was. 43.  She said, "Oh, I didn't even think you were 40".  I then wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her tight. 



o I Didn't.  Part of me was stuck between, well, the gramm-er. I couldn't really move.  So I thanked her profusely and didn't breathe while I smiled as she took pictures of the old girls.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

15 Years!!

15 years ago today we got ourselves hitched!
Everyday is like a fantastic mater ride... you always make me laugh
April 13, 2014 133
There is never a dull moment
April 13, 2014 258
I love you Daniel! 
If the next 15 years are half as good as the last, it will be awesome!
And those Disneyland pictures remind me that I need to blog our Spring break trip.  Maybe tomorrow...

Friday, April 18, 2014

Dinseyland... Day 4

Day 4 and by now it's Thursday.  We have been having a blast.  On our way into Disneyland, we ran into Goofy!
April 13, 2014 196
Grandpa and the kids before going on the train!
April 13, 2014 201
We sailed across the river to Tom Sawyer island.  That was an adventure.  Realistically we could have spent hours over there.  But this was our last day and there was lots to do.
April 13, 2014 204
On Splash Mountain. This ride is based on the old Disney movie Song of the South.  You can't find the movie anywhere anymore.  So we spent much of the ride telling them the story.  And of course we are too cheap to purchase the pictures they take, we just take a picture of the picture.
April 13, 2014 215
We ran into Tiana. 
April 13, 2014 218
Ruthie chose to get in line to see many princesses.  First was Cinderella.
April 13, 2014 222
Then Aurora.
April 13, 2014 226
And finally Ariel.  The boys and I went to shoot rifles while grandpa rested on a bench.
April 13, 2014 230
Then we all got back together and rode rides once again.
April 13, 2014 233
Daniel.  The one who took most of the pictures!
April 13, 2014 242
The kids escaping jail in Toon Town.  We played and played and then stopped for dinner and then went back for more.  One thing we learned was that you shouldn't stand on the roof of your hotel to watch the fireworks.  You should definitely be in the park and listen to the narrative.  Wow!! That was fun!
April 13, 2014 244
And finally, Angel.  Monday through Thursday we had dinner at IHOP just outside of the park and two doors down from our hotel.  Each night Angel was our server.  He knew exactly what to bring us to drink after the second time we came in.  He was wonderful.  If you go to IHOP, go see Angel.
April 13, 2014 257
And that's our trip to Disneyland.  We drove home Friday and chilled Saturday and Sunday as we watched Conference.  Grandpa was worn out, but, boy, we were worn out too.
Best Spring Break Ever.

Disneyland... Day 3

Day 3 was day 2 in California Adventure.  We began on Mater's ride.  Though they don't look it, they had a blast!
April 13, 2014 131
April 13, 2014 132
Ruthie got a picture with Flick!
April 13, 2014 145
And then with Jessie
April 13, 2014 152
Meanwhile, Grandpa rests on a bench.
April 13, 2014 157
oh!  And so do we.
April 13, 2014 158
After Jessie, Woody came by.  So Ruthie got back in line.  See her autograph book in her hand?  She was collecting!
April 13, 2014 162
While grandpa, Daniel, Sam and Ruthie went on the Grizzly river run, Isaac and I stood by to watch.  And not get wet!
April 13, 2014 166
Hey! It's Mickey!
April 13, 2014 170
In line for another ride.  For Spring Break (not the whole world, but plenty of people) the longest line we stood in was less than an hour. Not too bad!
April 13, 2014 175
Funnel cake in Radiator Springs.
April 13, 2014 177
Before heading out for dinner, we went into Downtown Disney.  The kids wanted to go to the Lego store.  It was a dream come true for the boys.  Both boys bought Legos with the money they'd brought.  Then I ran into the candy store and bought fudge.  Momma was happy!
April 13, 2014 194
We went to dinner, went back to the hotel for a bit then headed back to the parks for a little more fun through the night!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Disneyland... Day 2

Day 2 was our Magic Morning in Disneyland.  We began our day super duper early so we could go in by 7 am.  We ran through Star Tours several times. 
April 13, 2014 092
The next ride was Space Mountain.  I think Sam was the only one who wanted to go back.  Too dark for everyone. 
April 13, 2014 100

.We headed out to other areas to have tons of fun. 

April 13, 2014 098
Do you get the feeling Ruthie is enjoying herself?
April 13, 2014 099
Off to Fantasyland. 
April 13, 2014 101
Pulling on the sword in the stone. No luck for Sam.
April 13, 2014 104
Ruthie couldn't pull it out.
April 13, 2014 105
Come on Isaac, just pretend you're enjoying yourself.
April 13, 2014 106
On our way out of the castle we ran into Snow White.  So we got a picture and then Ruthie purchased an autograph book to collect pictures and signatures.

April 13, 2014 107
Riding on the ship.
April 13, 2014 109
Enjoying the sun and fun!

April 13, 2014 111
We headed back at dinnertime to eat and rest.  We were exhausted from starting the day so early, so we stayed in, swam and went to bed early.  Day 3 coming up!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Disneyland... Day 1

Day 1 we went to California Adventure.  There was a purpose to this.  Tuesday would be our Magic Morning in Disneyland so we spent Monday in the other park.
We got in the park before it opened and got to go to Soarin' Over California and Tower of Terror before everything else opened. Here we are in the lobby of the terror hotel.
April 13, 2014 049
We met the Incredibles. The boys were sitting on a bench across the street and wouldn't come back for the picture.
April 13, 2014 053
Mr and Mrs Incredible LOVED Daniel's shirt. And the rest of our day and the next time he wore the shirt, we found all the Dr Who fans in the parks.  The Incredibles asked to have their picture with Daniel.
April 13, 2014 054
We went into the animation building.  We each did the "which character are you?" dealio.  I only remember that Grandpa was Winnie the Pooh.
April 13, 2014 057
Cars Land was fun.  This Luigi ride was not.
April 13, 2014 071
But we got pictures of everyone
April 13, 2014 072
And then decided not to go on it again.  Too much work.
April 13, 2014 076
I don't know why Isaac is saluting.
April 13, 2014 078
We went to see Aladdin and were enjoying the show...
April 13, 2014 081
Then they turned off the stage lights, turned on the house lights and asked everyone to exit the building.  What?!  Something happened. So we had to leave.
April 13, 2014 082
The kids at Monster University.  Sam kind of sums up how he felt about that.
April 13, 2014 086
We had a fun filled first day in the park.  We ended early and went to bed with sore feet and sunburned noses.