Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Joke of the Day.

Here's a joke for you...

An older man knew his wife was losing her hearing and thought he'd see how bad it was. 
He walked up behind her while she was washing dishes and said, "Can you hear me?"
No answer.  So he got a little closer.
"Can you hear me?"
No answer again.  So he got up right behind her.
"Can you hear me?"
His wife turned around and said,
"For the third time YES!"


Enjoy your Tuesday.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Moment In My Day.

Had the old mamms grammed yesterday.  As the tech was, um, you know, putting things in place, she asked how old I was. 43.  She said, "Oh, I didn't even think you were 40".  I then wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her tight. 



o I Didn't.  Part of me was stuck between, well, the gramm-er. I couldn't really move.  So I thanked her profusely and didn't breathe while I smiled as she took pictures of the old girls.