Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Day In The Life.

Monday...  Went to grandma and grandpa's house in the morning.  Spent the day playing with goats.  Goat club meeting at Kathy's barn.  We learned how to trim hooves.  I got to trim one hoof on a mama goat.  She's wasn't too happy about the whole process.  But now I know what to do and will be trimming hooves when we get ourselves a trimmer and something with which to hold those goaties!
Tuesday... A little bit of visiting teaching for mom.  These cupcakes are from the Dollar Store Mystery Game.  I had to get us some icing and the sprinkles were already here.  We shared them with friends who came to play.  Not much mystery there. 
Wednesday... I believe this is Isaac.  Doctor appointment in the morning and Scouts for boys in the evening.
Thursday...  Ruthie had her art class.  Then we all had lunch and headed for the hills.  For a hike.  It was a beautiful day for it, too.  Everything was lush and green and cool.  I've been having back problems for some time now and even though the hike was a blast, I was hurting for several days.  That night we went to our town's movie in the park.  We got to stay up late and froze, yes, froze!
Friday... Grocery shopping and a trip to Kohl's for some shirts for everyone.  I love when I get the 30% off dealios.  Daniel and I went to dinner and then we all enjoyed watching Jack the Giant Slayer.  And that's a hot dog in his mouth.
Saturday...  Lots of fun stuff.  A family reunion that Daniel and the kids went to while I went to a baptism for a young convert.  We all got home around the same time and then Daniel and I went to a wedding for a friend of mine.  I've been her visiting teacher for years and now I will be able to teach her youngest son the new member discussions.  I'm so glad she likes me.  I bug her a lot! Saturday night we went to the rodeo for our town's heritage days and stayed for the fireworks.  They do the best fireworks around.
Sunday... Daniel left right after 7 am for a High Council meeting then went to speak in another ward's Sacrament Meeting.  I went to a Missionary Correlation meeting.  Then we all met up at our ward's meetings.  Daniel and I went to the world wide training conference.  Lots of great opportunities for missionaries to work! This is an exciting time.  I have no idea what this picture is.  It was there and I didn't have enough pictures without it.  So there you go.  Next Sunday I am speaking in our ward.  Yikes.
Never mind on that last picture.  I just remembered what happened on Sunday night that warrants its own picture.  This dawgawn washer.  It spun its last spin cycle.  I had a load of dirties that couldn't wait til Monday morning and as it spun it, well, it didn't spin.  So Monday morning Daniel purchased a new washer that will be coming in on Thursday.  In the meantime I have nasty towels and a couple washer-fulls worth of quilts that need washing.  By Thursday I will be loving my new washer.  My lovely friend offered the use of her washer, but I don't want to carry those nasty towels over.  So they'll sit in the garage.  Til Thursday.  And that was my Sunday night.
Hope your week was grand!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cute Quips.

So we were sitting on the couch watching a fascinating episode of Mythbusters and Daniel was running his hand around my ankle and I advised him that I haven't shaved my legs in a while to which Sam came in the room and said,

"Uh, So we have a hobbit in our family?"


And not quite THAT hairy!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


A couple of years ago a windstorm took out one of our front yard trees.  And we've been treeless on that side since.  Plus we live where we live, and trees and other items just don't always grow well.  So last weekend Daniel got some trees.  One for the front, one for the back and one for the pasture.
He started planting...this is the front yard, and then decided that giving a nice tree to the goats would be disgraceful.  They already ate one in the pasture and one in the yard.  Darn goats.
So the third one is now one of two in the backyard.  Let the tree growing begin.
Speaking of goats, last night at goat club we learned how to trim goat hooves.  Yay.  We'll be trimming the older goats soon.
And the tree planter extraordinaire! 
This morning Marsha the eyebrow lady was on channel 2 news.  She's participating in the Mrs. Utah pageant this weekend and her platform is working with the American Cancer Society.  She's a cancer survivor and works with women with cancer to make them beautiful during a very difficult disease.
Have a fantabulous Tuesday!

Monday, June 17, 2013

A Day In The Life.

Monday...  Lunch is always best on a pretty plate.  Isaac began a Program for Accelerated Learners today. It's a week long camp.  He was chosen by two, count 'em, two, teachers.  He was in the computer class and was up for the challenge.  Ruthie and Sam and I went to grandma and grandpa's where we got to visit and give grandpa our rattle snake eggs.
Tuesday... Ruthie, Sam and I went to see a summer movie with Kim, Jessica and Emily.  We love the popcorn.  We love being with Kim and her kids, too.  Isaac had another fun day at PAL camp.
Wednesday... Laundry day.  Several weeks ago our washer began suffering.  Actually we were the ones suffering.  All of our big appliances are 14 years old.  Except the water heater.  That's a year old now.  I guess it's time to start replacing.  But considering I want carpet-and soon!-we will stick with this washer a bit longer.  Dad worked from home so he could get his physical to go to Scout Camp next month. 
Thursday...  We got really bored and hankered for something fun.  So I made up a new game.  We call it "Dollar Store Mystery Game" and we go to the dollar store with $2-3 each and then shop around the whole store to purchase two or three items we wouldn't normally buy when we go to the dollar store with all seriousness and then we come home and show what we all got and then try to think of mysterious things to do with it all. We got things like TP, roll caps, sponges, a dust mit, arrows, markers and this guy.  Sam put him in water to grow him.  Then we'll shoot him with the arrows.  We're still working on fun things to do with the other items.
Friday... Isaac finished his week at PAL camp and came home with this certificate.  We are so proud of him.  He learned to program with a game program.  Isaac also had his physical for Scout Camp.  He wasn't impressed.  But he is healthy as can be. 
Saturday...  Clean and laundry and yard work.  Oh!!  And new goats.  But Ruthie grabbed the TP from the DSMG (Dollar Store Mystery Game) and tested the dollar store TP to the TP I get at Costco to see which could stand up better wet while holding a coin.  The Costco stuff held up better. 
Sunday...  Father's Day!  We love our dad and were happy to spend the day with him!
On to a new week with new adventures.  Hope your summer is as fun as ours!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dad.. Dad.. Daddy O.

You remember that scene on Back To The Future when Marty is talking to his dad, but a young, his own age dad?  He says something to him and ends with dad... dad...Daddy O.   That's why I titled this post with that.  I always say that to Daniel. Dad, dad, daddy O.
Anyhoo, it's his day!  Dad's day.  We began with his gifts.  Some shirts.
His favorite drink.
A Creeper from Mine Craft
And the best one yet...  World's Coolest Dad!  Yep!
We had a fancy dinner after church.  Ooh, a table cloth.
Pinkies up
Roast, mashed potatoes, corn from last year's garden, gravy and rolls.  Daniel's request.
We love our dad and are so glad he's ours.  Life would be boring without him!
And a happy father's day to my dad and Daniel's dad.  Both men have been a huge influence in our lives growing up and are still a big part of our lives.  And we are grateful for the brilliant role models our kiddos have!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Goat Babies!

Jake, Isaac's new wether.
Isn't he cute?!
Witty, Sam's wether.
Sam wouldn't put him down for his individual picture.  They have a close bond already!
And, Waffles, Ruthie's wether.
So adorable.
These three wethers will be trained to be shown in the fair this August. 
Let the work begin!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Make A Meal.

I have been reading a book about a young brother and sister who lived in Cuba as Castro takes control.  They are sent to the United States to escape.  I loved the book.  I loved the food.  I didn't eat much Cuban food on my mission.  There was one Cuban family in one of my areas who had us over a couple of times to eat.  But thinking about food I made a decision to feed the memories.
So I got some pinto beans and made some homemade refried beans.  Even though they were never "fried".  I'd like to think this is the low fat recipe. 
Mushed Pinto Beans
1 can pinto beans, rinsed and drained
1 can diced chilies
1/4 cup water
spices-Cumin, Garlic powder, Salt, Onion powder, Chili powder
You can add whatever else you want to spice it up
Cook everything together then mush the beans a bit.  Add more water if it's too dry.
Notice there is no lard or added fat of any kind. 
The water will loosen it up.  Or you can add some chicken or beef broth.
Here's how we ate it...
Mushed Beans
Black Rice
You can also add salsa, diced onions, cilantro, sour cream or whatever floats your yacht.
Yep, I said yacht.  Because sometimes a boat won't cut it.  A yacht is bigger and better and will afford you a chef.  Maybe.  Think yacht and you'll have a much better day! Promise.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Living Room At Last.

Well.  Almost.  I still need furniture.  But at least the toys are gone.
So much damage.  Those darn kids.  Throwing blocks and trucks and other such things at my walls.
 Daniel and I spackled and sanded and washed walls. 
 Then I put the primer on.  This is just one coat.  I needed 3 coats.  Those white stripes were a doozy. 
 Then the actual paint.  Oh. My. Goodness.  It looks so nice.  You can still see the outline of
the white lines.  But I won't point that out to you when you come over.
I am now priming that hutch there, as well as the frames, shelves, bookcase and a sofa table.  Those will all be yellow and go to the basement.
I love fresh paint!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Family Home Evening Activity.

For FHE tonight I put this game together that I found on another blog.  You take tape-I took frog tape and masking tape-and then lots of candy-whatever candy makes the kiddos smile.  Then you take something like one of those plastic Easter eggs and put a prize in it.  Then you start with the filled egg and start taping, adding candy to the tape as you go.  I traded between the two tape types (say that 10 times fast) to mix it up.  Then let it sit on the table in your bedroom for a few days.
Tonight was Isaac's turn to teach the lesson.  He talked about prayer and that Heavenly Father will always answer your prayers, but it might be in a different way and might not even happen right away.  He did an awesome job.  Pay no attention to the dust on the floor.  It's summer.  I'm off duty.
Then it was game time.  So you need a pair of dice.  And the person to the left of the person with the ball rolls the dice while the ball person undoes tape and takes candy.  When the dice person rolls a double, the un-taping stops and the ball goes to the roller and the dice goes to the person on their left.  Got it?  You keep going until it's all unwrapped.  We had a blast.  It actually took a while to get the whole thing unwrapped, too.
Isaac undid the egg and got the dollar bill inside.
Sam complained that he could have gotten the dollar bill if Isaac hadn't grabbed the egg out of his hand.  So, understanding the little value given to the American dollar bill at the moment, each kid got a buck!
Candy!!  And tape!!  And excitement!!
Yum yum.
Our game was a success and is something we'll have to do again. 
When this sugar rush is over.

A Day In The Life.

Monday!!!  Yes, one more week on a day in the life.  So proud!
New rule for summer.  Do Not Whittle In Mom And Dad's Bathroom.  Wood shavings on the floor when getting out of the shower are just obscene.  Went to grandma and grandpa's.  Isaac mowed their lawn. Called and purchased three new little wethers (male goats who can't breed) who will be ready to come to us on the 15th.  Goat club, where we learned lots and planned to go to Kathy's (the vet) barn for our next meeting.  Having a blast of a summer.
Tuesday...  I finished this book that grandpa had given me to read.  Funny.  Got my hair cut by Heidi, because Shelba had a baby and isn't doing hair at the moment.  Went to do missionary visits and invited another family to pray for a missionary experience.  Can't believe it's actually June!
Wednesday...  Did tie dye with some white t shirts.  They are each holding the shirts they just dyed.  They turned out awesomely cool.  11 year old scouts for Sam who got stuff signed off on three different ranks.  Young Men for Isaac who did service.  Isaac is the secretary in his quorum.  He came home tonight concerned about boys who just aren't coming to the activities.  He named a few and I told him some might be out of town or may have forgotten or may have something else going on.  I loved his concern and encouraged him to let them know on Sunday that they were missed.
Thursday...  Paint!!  I finally got the walls repaired and then did the primer.  Then I painted.  What you see on the far wall is primer.  I love the new look.  No more play room upstairs.  Ruthie began an art class with a gal in our ward.  She's done it 3 summers now.  Sam usually goes too, but decided to skip this year.  Ruthie also had activity days.  We just can't believe how quickly the week has gone.
Friday...  Isaac made this bird out of Legos.  If you take its head off, there's a red Lego inside.  Blood.  Makes sense.  Not much going on this Friday.  Just grocery shopping and hanging out.
Saturday...  Isaac has made camp in his downstairs bedroom.  He's put up some posters and snagged a lamp for his bedside.  All the boys went to the stake camp to clean.  They came home tired.  Daniel did tons of tile work in the bathroom.  We cleaned the house.  Daniel and I went to dinner with my mom and dad.  Then they came over to see the kids and the basement.  Luckily the house was still standing!
Sunday...  Church and stuff.  Our home teachers came.  I had made this ball earlier in the week for an FHE game.  It's filled with candy taped in it.  I'll do more on that later.  We headed out to Adam and Annie's for our monthly get together with my family.  We had a fun time playing with cousins. 
Hope your week was grand!