Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Do not, under any circumstances, dye your own hair.  Especially when you are getting ready to leave for a trip.  Or, especially if you are going to be around people.
Case in point:
So I used to dye my own hair.  Many years ago.  Before I had a real-life-card-holding-certificate-on-the-wall hair stylist of my own.  So sometimes my hair was brown, sometimes black, often reddish pink, which you may say should be orange, but no, not orange, reddish pink. And usually it was the very same box of dye.
Then I got a life.  And a hair stylist.  And good hair color.
But, through no fault of my stylist, and very long to-do list, I haven't had my hair colored, or cut!, for about 3 months.  I have gray hair.  I nice little patch of it right above my right temple.  Cute!   
So I grabbed my little ol' self a box of home color.  And then proceeded to apply it to my hair.  Which could really use a good haircut rather than a box of natural hair color medium auburn brown.
I paid particular attention to my roots and the patches of grayness.
After rinsing I realized a horrible mess.  My roots are still dull and brown and lined with gray and the rest of my hair is, wait for it, reddish pink.  Yuck.
The picture so doesn't do it justice.
So it's in a ponytail every day.  Will be in a ponytail every day until after our long awaited vacation and then I will go see Shelba, my sister in law who will fix my color and give me a cute cut.
Until then, please don't look at my hair.

Do not, under any circumstances, even hard core chocolate withdrawals, DO NOT buy, bake or eat Low Fat Brownies.

So not worth it.

Trust me.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Art Night.

On Friday night Abbie and Poppy came up to take our family to dinner.  We went to Burrito Grande.  Obviously.  After dinner we went to the elementary school for Arts Night.  I headed to a kiva to be a volunteer curator for a bit.  Ruthie and Sam took Abbie, Poppy, Isaac and dad around to each kiva to look at all the art.  Abbie and Poppy bought Ruthie's art and then Sam's art.
After a bit Ruthie got on stage with the other 4th graders for their performance. 
They sang This Land Is My Land.  Awesome!
Shortly after that the 6th graders got on stage to dance.  Sam did some dancing and had tons of fun.
Then the choir, including Sam, got up to sing.  They did such a great job.  They ended with What Does The Fox Say.  Then some teachers got up and lip synched and danced to the same song.  It was so much fun.
It was a fun filled night.  Our school made lots of money from the art and auction to help purchase safety items for the school. 
Thanks Abbie and Poppy for coming and sharing with us!

A Weekend Birthday Celebration!

He looks quite a bit older doesn't he? 
Isaac turned 14 on Saturday. 
We began the day opening gifts.  Daniel got him Lego Architecture models.  He loved them.
The White House.  He also got ties...but that's not important.
Later that day his friends came over and we went to a local bowling alley.  He and his friends has their own lane and a pizza.  The other kids and I bowled in our own lane.  We weren't cool enough for 14 year old boys.
Isaac's high score was 88.  Higher than anyone else. so I'd say he was the winner.  I think we need to go bowling more often, wouldn't you say?  We are super awesome at gutter balls.  But then so were Isaac's friends.
Sunday was a special day.  Isaac was ordained a Teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood. 
Grandma and Grandpa came.
Abbie and Poppy and Meme came too.  It was a super special day. After the ordination we came home and had food and got to visit for a while with everyone.
Isaac with mom and dad. 
What a great blessing you are to us Isaac.  We love you and can't believe it's been 14 years since you arrived.