Thursday, April 30, 2009

Once Upon A Time...Happily Ever After.

It was a Friday morning. April 30, 1999. I woke up in a different bedroom than usual because all my stuff was in my new house and we had lots of relatives staying over. So I slept in a small bedroom with someone else. I don't know if it was my little brother or my cousin or who. But I wasn't alone.

The first thing I did was go to the window to check the weather. The forecast told a sad story of rain. It was raining. It was gray outside. I sat back on the bed and cried. Luckily the sealing wasn't until 12:45. I had time to take my time.

I soon remembered this was a happy day. Even though my hair was going to flip, I was marrying Daniel. I stopped crying, went downstairs to eat some breakfast, went back upstairs to someone else in the shower. Hello! It's my day. Why is some uncle in the shower?? I got all my stuff together and sat and waited my turn.

When the bathroom became free, I took it. I locked the door and took a long hot shower. I enjoyed my time alone. I did my makeup and then worked on my hair. My hair. I have natural curl which tends to look like a really bad perm when it's humid. I had gone to my hairdresser the week before for a trim, but for some weird reason, my hair was just unruly. I tried to put more curl in it with a curling iron so the weather wouldn't reek quite as much havoc. I really didn't like it. It was just wrong. But there was just nothing I could do about the humidity. I wasn't in control of that. So I figured the only thing I could control was my emotions. So I sucked it up and hairsprayed away!

I got dressed in my sleek navy blue dress that made me look so slim it made me want to cry again. I had all my stuff packed and ready to go. I headed downstairs to the bustle of all my relatives getting ready and eating. When my grandma saw me she said, "Oh, isn't she gorgeous!?" I did my best to not comment on the hair situation. My mom and dad and grandma and grandpa and whoever else wanted to come, came into the living room with me. My dad gave me a Father's Blessing and I cried. My dad cried a little. I was his oldest child. I was his last daughter to get married. They would now be stuck with all my brothers. I would have cried about that, too.

When it was time to go, I got into my parents' car and headed out to Bountiful. It was rainy and gray. Daniel planned to meet us at the temple and he didn't disappoint. I loved him so much and it could have rained a hard rain all day long for all I cared. We went inside and got dressed and then Daniel and I got to sit in the Celestial room until it was time. We got to sit in there for a very long time. I don't know what was happening, but we enjoyed just sitting together. A man came up to us and asked if we were getting married today. We said yes and he said that there is a look about a couple who are waiting there to be married. We had the look.

It finally came time for us to go to the Sealing room. When we got there, all of our family were there waiting for us. Daniel and I held hands, I cried, Daniel's hands were sweating. So I kept wiping my eyes with tissue and Daniel kept wiping his hands on his pants. All I got from the sealer talking was that today we were beginning a family. Until the end when he said we were Mr. and Mrs. You Know Who.


We were husband and wife. We were married. We were hitched. We could now begin our life TOGETHER! Oh Wait! Pictures. In the rain. We had hired the photographer, so I guess we should use him.

We came out of the temple to everyone cheering. Reverently, of course. When Daniel kissed me my aunt called out, "Kiss her again!" So he did. Then she yelled it again. He did again. The photographer took 4 pictures of us kissing in front of this door.
It rained. The photographer said rainy days are the best for photos. We got to use his big umbrella. With my off white dress and the white in the umbrella, those pics just look funny. But we got some really good shots under the covered parts of the temple. Do you think we could have even stopped smiling?!
We had a luncheon for family and friends after we left the temple. It was in a church and after we all got there, the fire alarm was going off and no one could figure out how to turn it off. It went on for quite a while until they got a hold of the right person to come fix it. Daniel's sister Lisa organized the luncheon. The theme was bears because they just couldn't "bear" to see Daniel single anymore. Etc, etc. We had a really nice lunch and got to hear from Daniel's brother, his grandma Shelba, my sisters and then Daniel and myself. I don't know what anyone said. I was Mrs. Daniel and we still had to get through the reception. Time was moving a bit slowly! We got to the reception and had to change back in to wedding dress and tux. But hey, we were married. So we got to get dressed together. Wierd! We got more pictures taken all around the JS memorial building.

Calla Lilies are my favorite flower. I love them. So they were my wedding flowers. We had a beautiful reception. Our line didn't end until my mom grabbed us and told us it was time to cut the cake. She was determined that the bride and groom should NOT wait for late comers to come greet them. The time is clearly stated on the announcement. You are late, you don't get to greet. So we cut the cake and then at 8:30 on the dot, we ran out of the reception room to the dressing room. People cheered and laughed as we ran out. We were ready to be done.
We changed into street clothes and met some newly arriving guests at the elevator. I don't think they recognized us because of the jeans and t shirts. We arrived at our car that had confetti in every imaginable place and snakes and tp. We arrived at our hotel for that night that has since been torn down and the Valet asked if we would like him to clean out the car. Of course!

I think I will end there. Except to say that confetti came streaming out of the air vents for weeks. And several months later we found more confetti when moving one of the sun visors.
So that is the story of us. After all the dating horrors, I had the best guy in the world. And he had the best and beautifulest gal in the world. As we celebrate 10 years of Us, we are grateful for so many things. We have 3 AWESOME kids. We have health. We love each other even more than our wedding day. We have had trials that have made us stronger and more in love. We are happy and we are living. So I guess that with a story book beginning we should have a story book ending. But it seems so abrupt to just say we lived happily ever after. The point is...we are living!!

Daniel...I love you! I am so glad I married you. You are the best dad and the best husband. I love that you adore me. I love that you love to just be with our family. I am looking forward to eternity! I love you!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Piggy Flu

I ate a hot dog a few weeks ago. Only because I had hot dogs. And buns. Hot dog buns. It's so annoying when you have hot dogs and are craving one but you don't have hot dog buns. A piece of bread just isn't the same. I only put mustard on my hot dogs. And I only eat one. By the end of one, I'm pretty much done with hot dogs for a while. Are you hungry now or just grossed out?

Sorry if I grossed you out!

Last night in our adoption class we were having deep and emotional discussions about infertility. I don't want to go into details about the couples in our class. They are very personal and very emotional. I kept looking at Daniel wondering if he was going to talk for us about our experience. He didn't. So I did. I told them all first that I know we have 3 kids. We have an adoption set up for China. Now it could seem like we are just here to get us another baby. That's not the case. A couple of months after getting married, I was pregnant with Isaac. 8 months after deciding to have another baby I was pregnant with Samuel. But my pregnancies were life threatening. We had to be done. Or Daniel's second wife would have to raise my kids. Not an option.

So I tried to say that even though I don't feel the same heartache that they do, I do have heartache. I wait for my daughter to be born in China and for a government to say it's okay for us to adopt her. Even though my arms are full with 3 children, I have empty arms because I know there are now 2 more babies who need to get to my arms. Even though we don't have the same experiences, my heart still aches.

Then I realized that my throat ached. And my jaw. We got home after stopping for some Arbey's and then I took our sitter home. I sat down to eat and my whole face hurt. Ached. Then I remembered the hot dog a few weeks ago. Oh No!! Maybe I have Piggy Flu!

So I went through everything coming up this week. Our Primary Talent Show tonight, my anniversary Thursday, Doctor appointments for Daniel and myself on Friday so we can complete our adoption paperwork and our anniversary date for Friday night. And let's not forget the bridal shower for my almost sister in law on Saturday night. Oh yeah, and I am doing sharing time on Sunday on reverence and starting a whole thing to motivate reverence on a large and long term scale. So I can't get sick.

This morning I woke up without a sore throat and my mouth is fine. I'm eating. It's so fine! So no Piggy Flu here. Not that I was worried. And I can wait a few more weeks for another hot dog. But a pork salad from Cafe Rio....mmmmm.

(Notice to all reading: I understand that the Swine Flu is a serious illness. I know people in Mexico have died. I know one cannot get Swine Flu by eating pork (Including Hot Dogs) and I know that simply washing hands and coughing into one's elbow makes the world go round. Please don't comment that I just don't get it! I do.)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Picture.

I was in the process of getting all my pictures loaded and had to keep going back and reloading and it was really bugging me. For Wednesday I had put this picture in place...
And I just walked through my family room and realized this picture didn't make it onto my post. On Wednesday I ran into Bed Bath & Beyond with my coupon and grabbed this rug for my in-the-process-of-redoing-my-family-room. It's so soft. You wanna come walk on it with your bare feet? I love it. I also went and got paint chips so I can start to plan my wall colors...
That's Godzilla introducing my colors. The bottom color is the color of my couches. The middle color is for the wall that our new tv will go on. Oh yes, we will wall mount the tv. Then the top color will go on all the walls from my fronts door to the dining area. I'll show you the complete package when I do it.
I finished cleaning out Ruthie's room yesterday and will do the boys' room on Thursday. I need a day of rest today. And we have our Primary Talent Show tomorrow night and I got stuff to do. Then I'll do my room and the 2 bathrooms. Then I will paint!! Yay! And then we'll replace the computer desk and get the new tv and console and all that.
I'm so excited. After I get the family room done, I'm gonna paint and redecorate Ruthie's room. Why am I doing this you ask? Because this is what I love to do. As we have been filling out our adoption paperwork and describing each of us and what we enjoy doing, I have written a few times that I love to decorate my house and paint my walls. It's been a while. Since the kids' bathroom actually. So I'm ready to go again.

A Picture A Day.

Who said I had to do this every week? I got sidetracked. So here is last week in review!

Monday...This is just Monday's picture. I can't remember what day it was. Sam got a slippy slide for his birthday and they broke it out and had a blast! Tuesday...The now infamous blue toenail polish and bright green flip flops. We have our 2nd class tonight. Considering the weather, I will wear close toed shoes.
Wednesday...When they played on the water slide they were freezing! They must have played with it on Wednesday. Who knows? Aren't they cute?!
Thursday...We got a visit from our friend Leanne and her new baby! It was fun to hold her baby for a while. It was good practice for what will eventually come. Ruthie took this picture. Friday...At bedtime, Sam got my flip flops and played for a while.
Saturday...Great kite flying weather. Sam had gotten some cool kites for his birthday, too.
Sunday...Before getting ready for church, Sam set up a domino thing with the wood blocks and added King Kong and a pterodactyl and monster truck to the mix. It was pretty cool!

And there you have it. A few days late, but complete. Now back to my last episode of Once Upon A Time. I am running out of time!
Have a Fanstastic Tuesday!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Once Upon A Time Part 22

We began the fun hunt for furniture and appliances for our new home. Dan started to talk about all the land we had and that he'd like to get a calf to raise for beef. I was not thrilled with this idea. We were already going to be out in the middle of nowhere and have lots of room between houses and now a calf?! I am a city girl. Give me a freeway in my backyard and smog and lots of lights and noise. That would make me happy. But I was going to marry a country boy. Lots of land, lots of calf, lots of quiet.

It was shortly before the wedding that I asked Dan about his name. I had noticed that all of his family called him Daniel. He introduced himself to me as Dan so I never thought about it too much. But it was obvious his family had a strong tradition of calling people by their full name. He said he would like me to call him Daniel. So I do.

We had our appointment for our engagement pictures which would go into our wedding announcement. When we went in, the photographer said we were really cutting it close. It was about 4 weeks before the wedding and he didn't think it was enough time. We took pictures anyway and they came back quickly and nicely. So the announcements went out and everything was ready.
I had stopped working for Dave sometime earlier. He had hired someone to take my place and then told me about it. He did make arrangements for me to office manage for another agent. So I went to work there for 2 weeks. It was fun I tell ya! If you see me in person, ask me what the agent asked me about being married in the temple and how that would affect our inimate relationship. She was so fun to work for. I was only there for 2 weeks. I then began my unemployment history that I still enjoy today. In just a couple of weeks I would call myself a Stay At Home Mom In Training.

Those 2 weeks were filled with decorating my new house, moving all my stuff there. Moving all of Daniel's stuff there. Making last minute efforts on the wedding plans. And just being glad I was done with dating and not knowing where I would be or what I would be doing for the rest of my life.

Goodbye Polygamist guy, Wife beater guy, Craig who couldn't commit, the guy whose name I never got, Mike the prom jerk, Regional dance cologne guy. Farewell to Disagreeable guy who just liked to disagree with me, Guy who couldn't keep oil in his car, Cheap Date guy, Victor who wrote to me for two years telling me he loved me only to just....not. Goodbye and good riddance to all the guys who took my time and energy without leaving a good impression. I was never going back. I had found my T.O. (The One). I had made the decision to be single the rest of my life only find the love of my life.

Obviously, at this point in my life, everything was in place just as well as can be expected. April 30 was the day. We had a house, a plan, a nice picture of us for our wall and lots of love. We had plane tickets to spend 10 days in Hawaii for our honeymoom. I was ready to make the man of my dreams a reality in my arms.

Only one more episode left! Join me on April 30, 2009-our 10th anniversary, for the Wedding Day Bliss!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Cute Giveaway!

You so need to go to This Blog and see the cute giveaway! Seriously, go HERE now! You won't be disappointed! Thank you!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let Me Share...

Daniel and I had a wonderful and interesting experience last night. We are using LDS Family Services for our domestic adoption and there is a 5 week course that adoptive parents are required to take. I was cynical at first about taking classes. After all, I'm a mom to 3 kids. I've adopted before. And I'm just a natural born cynic. So I drank a lot of diet pepper and we went. I understand now what this is all about. One of the weeks we'll be meeting a panel of birth moms to get their perspective. One week is to talk about infertility. And this is a group that can rely on each other through this process. These will be informative and possibly good therapy. So I'm okay with it. Not that you care or anything. But I wanted to share the things we learned last night with you. So that is my preamble.

We arrived at the appointed time with 3 other couples. YOUNG couples. As we all sat down I leaned over to my old, starting to go gray hubby, and said, "We are the oldest ones here!" He just smiled and nodded. We were feeling the pinch. And the wrinkles. And the flab. Then the last couple walked in. Yep! We are the oldest ones there. One of the caseworkers was there as well as an adoptive dad who was there to help present the stuff. He was a little gray around the ears. But he wasn't in our "group". So he doesn't count.

One of the guys asked another if he grew up in *Honolulu. He said no, *Kwai. (*cities have been changed to protect the innocent. And I know Honolulu and Kwai aren't right next to each other, either. But for the sake of this story, pretend that they are. And if you live right by me, you probably get the whole idea of the story. So let's just get back to it. I've got lots to tell!) "We went to such and such school together." The other guy recognized him and they got really friendly. His wife leans over and asks something and he says out loud, "No this is elementary school."

Here is the old people in the room translation..."We still look like we're in 4th grade, so we recognize each other easily."

Then one says, "Yeah, I graduated high school 6 years ago" with a look of "I'm so old" on his face. I said to them all, "We are trying to avoid our 20th high school reunions right now." There was then nervous laughter from the young couples. Oh yeah. We are old and we are, well, old. And we came in a mini van. And I had to have my reading glasses on my head in case we went into the binder for information. Old.

So we get started and they have us go around and introduce ourselves. They have all been married about 2 years. They are all working one, two or three jobs. We, on the other hand have 3 kids and have been married 10 years (which I know isn't that long, but compared, it is!). Then the adoptive dad who is there to teach and my dear hubby get into an argument about who's daughter is the cutest. We win. Have you seen Ruthie?! Yep, we win.

As we went through all the paperwork so we could ask any questions, one of the prospective dads asked, "How do you know if your income is enough to raise a child?" The caseworker said, "If you were to get pregnant and be able to support the baby, then you are okay." I don't know if that answered his question or not. But the seasoned mommy in me blurts out, "Raising kids is very expensive!" I hope they all ignored me.

I feel I need to add here that all of the wives, young and slim and cute, were all dressed in slacks or nice jeans with shoes and socks on. Was it just me, or was it really warm yesterday? I was in capris and a cute t-shirt and bright green flip flops with blue toenail polish. I know they all work and probably just got off work and didn't have time to dress down. I just thought it was hilarious that the 38 year old mother of 3 was in bright green flip flops with blue toenails! They all looked so young and .... professional.

I know we will get to know these young couples. I know we will learn from them. I hope we can help them learn something, too. I will wear my bright green flip flops again. I hope they will start wearing their flip flops. I am sure we will have great experiences over the next 4 classes. When we do things like this and as we go through the paperwork and on line work, we feel more and more sure that this is the right place to be and this is the right time to be there. Yay! We are on our way. And just for your information, Sarajune is our China baby. This baby will be James or Mary. This old lady needs to take a shower and then do some serious wrinkle control. I'll be the one in the bright green flip flops and blue toenails if you are out today!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Make A Treat Monday.

This is a good one. Not too sweet. In fact, you probably have all the ingredients already and it's pretty healthy, if I do say so myself. Here's the thing. I found this on a food storage website and had never heard of this before. Skookie. Have you heard of it? Do you already have a Skookie pan? I don't have a Skookie pan. I do have a cast iron skillet. So here it is...

2 C Oats
1 1/4 C Whole Wheat Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Baking Soda
1/4 tsp Salt
1 C Butter
1 C Peanut Butter
1 C Sugar
1 C Light Brown Sugar, firmly packed
2 Large Eggs
1 tsp Vanilla
1 C Chocolate Chips
In a medium bowl combine oats, flour, soda, baking powder and salt. Set aside. In a large bowl, combine butter and peanut butter with an electric mixer until smooth. Beat in the sugars until blended. Add eggs, vanilla and then flour mixture until combined. Stir in chocolate chips. Refrigerate dough at least an hour.
Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray skillet with cooking spray. Add a handfull of cookie dough. Press into skillet to 1/2 inch thickness and with in 1/2 inch of sides. Bake 10-15 minutes or until top of cookie is light golden brown. Really.
Here is my dough spread to 1/2 inch thickness and 1/2 inch from the sides.
I also thought I'd try the dough this way.
And of course, we always have to try the dough this way!
I cooked it about 2 minutes too long. It was a dark golden brown. Almost just brown.
These even came out nice. I only baked these about 9 minutes.
This is the first piece I took from the skillet. It's supposed to be pie shaped.
Here is the third piece. I could scoop it better with some room in the skillet.
So there you have it...whole wheat flour, oats, peanut butter, chocolate chips. Healthy. Now it says to serve it with ice cream on top. Or caramel sauce. Or hot fudge. We just ate it plain. Yum. So go try it and enjoy!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Picture A Day.

Did someone say I was supposed to take a picture EVERY DAY?! I didn't think so. For some reason I "lost" my camera this week. So the last 2 days I have been taking pictures to fill this post. I have no idea what this means. I think I'm just lazy. Enjoy!

1. One night Daniel came to me and said, "Come look at your daughter." She was sleeping with her leg hooked up over her other leg. Her hand was up under her chin, like she was thinking. She moved it while I went for the camera.
2. I cleaned the Play Room (living room) this week and when I got to the blinds, I remembered that years ago, one of the boys had chewed on them. Those are teeth marks. Please notice how clean they are!!
3. Sam loves to play Chinese Jump Rope.
4. I found Isaac's Peeps with this note on them. Love it!
5. I love you!
6. Saturday night we headed to bed and one little person was handing out some serious stink eye!
7. Sunday morning Father/Daughter bonding. Planting flower seeds.
I have a Make A Treat Monday in the wings. Are you excited??

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Picture A Day.

Or something like that. I don't know what has come over me. Maybe it's the major cleaning. Maybe it's the rain. Maybe it's the fact that at 1:15 today there will only be 31 more days of school. Who knows? I just take the pictures and hope for the best. This segment of A Picture A Day will be a little bit different. It's just pictures from everything last week and this last weekend. Enjoy!

Last Tuesday...Sam did his oral book report on Green Eggs And Ham. The best part of the book is that his name is in it. So we made a poster and green eggs with white chocolate and green M&Ms. Later that day I went back to help with the first grade silly party. It was tons o fun. Sam got his face painted to be Godzilla.
Last week sometime...We finally got bedrooms cleaned up so the kids could decorate their easter eggs. So much fun.
Another day last week...It hailed. The kids just stood on the porch and watched. And screamed.
Super Star Dad!
Friday...Sam's birthday party with some friends. This is my version of Godzilla. Don't laugh so loud. I can still hear you!
Since Godzilla was invited to the party, we made sure his tracks could be seen. One of my friends thought we had just put tulips on the driveway for Easter.
Opening lots of birthday presents.
His gift from Isaac and Ruthie was a Godzilla movie. So they all sat and watched for a little while.
Saturday...The city egg hunt. This is part of the loot. Almost better than Halloween.
The kids in the grass checking the loot.
Daniel and I have been watching Scrubs reruns. There is an episode where one of the doctors has "comfy pants" which are just ugly and nasty but oh so comfy. While at Walmart last week, I saw these and had to buy them. Now Daniel has his own comfy pants.
Sunday morning...A few Easter treats (notice the chocolate on his face) and another Godzilla movie from mom and dad. Sunday was Sam's real birthday!
A furry pink bunny for Ruthie.
Isaac just loved the chocolate and his frisbee.
That afternoon we headed to Abbie and Poppy's for the annual Easter egg hunt and dinner. Here are all the cousins ready for action.
Isaac finding his eggs.
Sam with his Easter bucket.
Ruthie and Maddie enjoying the candy.
Abbie had canned some goodies for the kids. Poppy showed what was in them with baby John's can.
I have to get back on track and take pictures this week. It must be the rain. Or the candy. Or something. Nevermind. I'll just get to it!

Monday, April 13, 2009

What A Day!

4 years ago today, our family walked into the Ogden Temple together. The first thing my sweet 5 year old Isaac said was, "Wow. It's beautiful!"

It was a beautiful day as we had Ruthie sealed to us for eternity. She is ours as if she were born in the covenant. She inherits everything my boys do. She became ours forever.

While we were in the sealing room, the sealer commented that even the empty seat wasn't empty. I knew exactly who was sitting there. My brother Aaron. He had died just 3 years earlier. On April 28 we will be missing him for 7 years.

As we have just celebrated Easter and the Resurrection of our Savior, I simply want to share my gratitude for a sacrifice made so that we can be an eternal family. So that we will be able to see Aaron again. So that all of my children are mine forever. So that Daniel and I will be together eternally. So that the choices I make here will impact my salvation. So that when I stumble I have a clear way back. So that I know my Heavenly Father loves me so much that he has given me all that I have. So that I can experience the joy the He meant me to have in this life.

I love Spring time. It's an awakening of nature and of feelings that come too easily sometimes. As much as I miss Aaron, I know I will see him again. As hard as the wait has been and will continue to be for Sarajune, I know she will be in our arms one day. As we begin a new adoption journey, I know Heavenly Father is directing our path. As hard as parenting is, I love my kiddos more than my own life and am so grateful they are mine!

I hope you had a beautiful Easter Sunday and that your Spring time is a spectacular time in your life!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Your Age In Chocolate.

It's a rainy Thursday morning here. My kids are home and I have a birthday party to plan for lots of 6-7 year old boys. It's the first day of lots of days home for Spring Break. Or as I like to call it, Prelude To What Summer Will Be Like. So here's a forward I got and thought I'd share it here...

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have chocolate (more than once but less than 10)

2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold)

3. Add 5

4. Multiply it by 50 -- I'll wait while you get the calculator

5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1759 ..If you haven't, add 1758.

6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.

You should have a three digit number. The first digit of this was your original number(i.e., how many times you want to have chocolate each week). The next two numbers are YOUR AGE! (Oh YES, it is!!!!!)


Now Go Get Yourself Some Chocolate!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Who Knew?

In my quest to clean my house/nest/get ready for another homestudy, I have cleaned my windows. I also cleaned the blinds. Not all of them. I'm only to my dining room in my quest. But, Dang! I can see outside. It's beautiful!!!
I never realized the beauty right outside my own windows. I remember saying once that I already know what it looks like outside so why wash my windows?
Aahhhh...It's just wonderful!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Picture A Day.

Monday...Sam thought it would be fun to direct plane traffic in the kitchen with his popsicles. (And maybe this is actually a picture from Tuesday, considering the lack of mess in the laundry room.)
Tuesday...A clean laundry room.
This deserves 2 pictures. The cleanliness and organization just overwhelmes!
Wednesday...Kindergarten Round Up. I forgot my camera, so this is a picture from Friday. But the cuteness is the same any day of the week.
Thursday...Ruthie and I stayed in our jammies for a long time and played Go Fish and Crazy Eights over and over and over and...
Friday...At preschool, Teacher Vicki dressed up like a clown for clown week. She glued a clown nose on each of the kids.
Saturday...2 weeks ago, Daniel and I stepped into a furniture store and found couches we could live with. Daniel went back the next day and offered 1/2 the price in cash. Sold! We just picked them up today! (Thanks Dave Ramsey)
Sunday...The love seat from the couch set that got lots of use during General Conference.
Happy Sunday!