Thursday, August 29, 2013

Open Door Policy.

This morning on the news reporters were talking about Syria and the UK's possible movement into the country.  Serious stuff.  As the reporters talked, there was footage of UK leaders walking through a beautiful black door.  The door was opened for them from the inside.  The first guy walked in and you could see a white shirt just peeking from the back of the door.  Then, as more leaders walked through that door, the door opener made sure you could see him. Little by little more of his shirt and then his face could be seen.  Then he even smiled at the camera as a woman walked through.  She almost ran into him because he wanted the cameras to capture him and his door opening skills.  I thought it was hilarious.  Just give him a minute and he'll take his 15 minutes. 

But here's the thing.  The door was always closed and then opened at just the right time so that the leaders didn't even have to break their stride before walking through the open door.  Here's what I want to know.  How did the door opening guy know precisely when to open that beautiful black door?  There was no eye hole, the windows were too far to the side and there wasn't an outside door opener. 

Here's what I think... there was one of those laser type things that beep as you walk by it, only it beeps inside so the door opener guy can hear it and just open the door. Or this was a carefully orchestrated deal for all the cameras.  A script and stopwatch told that door opener guy just when to do his job.  And someone would be there to walk through.  But the power of those cameras outside was just too much for the door opener guy.

I know there is a serious problem in Syria.  I feel for those who are deciding how Allied countries should react.  I don't know what is the right thing to do.  But I am in love with the UK door opener guy who made me laugh amidst a very serious event.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Uterus For Sale.

This is my baby girl with a pillow in her shirt.  Now.  Picture me, many years older, with a belly that size on my adult body.  There you go.  My belly measured large enough for full term twins.  A couple weeks before Sam was born.  And he was 4 and a half weeks early. Thank you very much.
Yep.  I was miserable.  And large.  So now I want you to think of the uterus that held the 4 and a half week early, 9.5 pound baby. You probably wouldn't guess that my uterus is very tone.  Or is my uterus toned?  I don't know.  But it's a very strong and able uterus.  Even for doing the large baby thing twice. 
My doctor had told me on several occasions that my uterus is toned.  In fact, after giving birth to Isaac the doctor took my uterus out to squeeze it before putting it back in.  He commented on the muscle tone of my marvelous uterus.  Then I told them I could feel their hands in my body.  I woke up much later.
So.  Anyone want a well toned, only used twice, not being used anymore, shapely and able uterus?  It's for sale.  There's got to be a woman out there who wants it. I will gladly give it to you. 
On the other hand, my belly jiggles when I laugh, my cheeks wobble when I walk, and, if I don't cross my legs while I sneeze, I will pee my pants.  My uterus may be the only tone thing on me. Or in me.
Aren't you glad you came to my blog today? 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cute Quips.

Last night as Sam was praying he said "Please help the school to be destroyed before tomorrow."  Daniel started laughing.  So Sam stopped and asked why he was laughing at him.  Daniel said the school will not be destroyed and he needed ask for help in a different way.  So Sam went back to his prayer and said, "Please help the school to be destroyed before tomorrow.  Or that I'll have a good day."

It was a good day.

The First Day...

Yesterday, Monday, the kiddos and I went to lunch for last day of summer fun. 
Then we went to Back To School Nights at the junior high and elementary.  We met teachers and saw classrooms.  The kids have fantastical teachers and it's going to be a fantabulous year!
I ended up at the school doing PTA stuff way longer than I'd planned, so I ran home, made sure everyone had dinner and then we did Father's blessings.
Then I got out the back to school treats.  I usually put their treats out on the first day, but because of the excitement and bits of anxiety, I brought it all out last night.
It says... To my SweetTarts.  U-no you are such a Smartie(s).  This year will be a piece of Cake. You may feel like you're on a Rocky Road, and that only Sour things are happening.  Remember all the Good n Plenty you already know.  You will Skor big in Crunch time.  You're a Star.  Have Fun.  We love you to Pieces!
The root beer says We're Rooting for ya!  And, of course, there are Hugs and Kisses.
P1060382 - Copy - Copy
Bright and early this morning Isaac left for the bus.  I was close enough to a lady talking to an office staff person Monday night to hear that this year the bell rings 5 minutes earlier so the buses may be coming 5 minutes earlier.  We also heard lunches are determined differently.  I suppose I'll find out how this afternoon.  Isn't he handsome?!  He got confused as a 7th grader by some teachers, but all the students will be wearing their ID badges with a grade color coded lanyard beginning tomorrow.  So there will be no confusing the 8th grader.  Although we've recently purchased a couple pairs of jeans and they are too tight and a tad short.  Rats.  He's growing and we'll be shopping again!
P1060386 - Copy
Here are the other two.  Sam is beginning his last year in elementary.  Oh my!  He's got a terrifical teacher and there are 33 kids in his class.  It will be a fun year.  Ruthie is in 4th grade and is in a 4th/5th split class with a superterrific teacher.  They both wanted to get on the back of the banister for the picture.  Obviously I am not invited to leave the car when I drop them off.  But I got dressed anyway. 
So now I'm blogging and thinking I'll just head to the school to help with lunch.  I suppose I should clean the house.  But it really is still summer.  I'm still on vacation.  We'll see.

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Day In The Life.

Monday...  Went to the school to help put back to school folders together.  Went to grandma and grandpa's for a bit.  I had an appointment with the dermatologist.  He looked me over and as I raised my right arm over my head, he noticed my insulin pump in my ... um... bra... and said "is that a pump?" to which I said yes.  He asked how long I'd had diabetes, I said 30 years, he said "I've seen a lot of pumps, but I've never seen one there". 
Got my cookies and bread back.  We are making our lists of baked goods we'll all enter next year.
Tuesday... Went with Isaac to the junior high to get his schedule.  He's excited to have Gate Tech, which is a 1 semester 8th grade version of engineering.  I voted in our mayoral and city council primary.  Isaac had an appointment to see an audiologist and ENT.  He has Tinnitus in both ears and we wanted to see if there is damage to the nerve.  No damage.  Yay.  But the ENT said the tinnitus is a tic from meds he takes.  We're gonna have to see about making a change to meds.  But we are very happy he doesn't have hearing damage.  Now I know for certain that he can actually hear me.  Isaac and Daniel went to a Stake Priesthood meeting and Christine and I went to do missionary visits.
Wednesday...  The kids and I went to see October Sky at the theater.  We  love that movie and it gets the boys excited about their upcoming science fair projects.  Ruthie asked about my wedding dress so I got it out to show her.  It's an ivory colored top with beading and such and then an ivory skirt that my mom made.  (my total wedding ensemble cost less than $100...and we're still going strong!!) I offered to let Ruthie try the top on.  It's not quite to good fitting yet..  but...
Thursday... Took the kids school shopping for supplies and tennies.  They needed Sunday shoes too.  Sam chose white dress shoes.  ummm.  Might start a trend?  This is Isaac at a local art gallery we visited several weeks ago.  I'll get a picture of those shoes soon!
Friday... Daniel and I had a date to meet at the train station, get dinner then head to the Bountiful temple.  When we got to the temple there was no parking.  At all!  We drove through the upper parking, lower parking and the street.  Nothing!  So we came home.  ...Darned Mormons think they have to go to the temple all the time...  This is Sam with grandma when they dropped of the piano.
Saturday... Have you seen these?  They are like the Samoas that you pay a lot for from the girl scouts.  And you can get them anytime.  Yum.
Sunday...  Daniel had to find a new place for the container we use for trips.  He came up with the pulley system just above the truck so all we have to do is lower it down when we need it and then pull it up when we're done.  He did this on Saturday, but the cookie picture and this one got mixed up.  We went to church and then had home teachers come.  We stayed up to watch Rocketeer for our movie night.
School begins tomorrow!  I still would like one more week, but since they won't listen to me, we'll go with tomorrow!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Have You Ever...

Have you ever had kids come running to you to say there are bubbles in the toilet?  I just assumed someone forgot to flush.  Which shouldn't be happening anymore because I told them all that if they wanted to save what they put in there I would grab a bowl and dip it in and put it in his/her room.  I'm all for saving special things.  But they weren't trying to save it.  Nothing special there.  So they are flushing on a very regular basis.  Now I have no idea how regular my kids are.  Hah!!  Anyhoo, back to the suds.  Yes.  I said suds.  I told them to flush it because I didn't have a clean bowl to get any into.  Not that a clean bowl would matter.  I just didn't want to do it.  You know?  But Ruthie and her friend were adamant that I should come and see.  And then Sam started in on it.  "Oh My Gosh Mom.  There really are bubbles in the toilet!"  So I went.  I looked.  I saw.  Suds.  Real, honest to goodness suds in the toilet.  I tried flushing.  Did you know that if you flush suds they bubble up even more?  I know now.  It took a few flushings and telling whomever put something sudsy in the toilet to never do it again.  But now the toilet is back to normal. 

Today is our last Friday before school begins.  I was talking to our RS president a couple days ago about people my ward missionary companion and I have visited and she asked what she could do for me.  I said.. I need one more week of summer.  I'm not ready.  I just need one more week with them home.  But, alas, we go back next Tuesday.  Isaac is really excited about his schedule.  Sam knows his teacher because I requested and Ruthie is excited that she may be in the split 4th/5th grade class.  But they are nervous to begin a fresh school year.  I'm not nervous.  Just not ready for summer to be over.  When do you start school?  And, are you ready?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Day In The Life.

Whew!  What a week that was. 
Monday... Merit badge classes for Isaac and Sam.  They worked on Family Life and Personal Management this week.  We began to get our stuff together for the fair! This is a giant moth who came to sit on our front screen.  See the kids' hands on the window?  It was that big!
Tuesday...  Grandpa bought us this beautiful keyboard.  He came to drop it off and help put it together.  It's a full keyboard and is very talented.  Each of the kids and Daniel and I have taken turns playing it and getting our piano groove on.  It has headphones, so you'd never even know it.
I got my cookies and cinnamon bread baked and brought to the fair.  When I got my score sheets back yesterday, I had a full 100% score on my cookies.. of course.  My cinnamon bread got 94/100.  I was docked because there was not enough sugar in the center swirl.  But the judge wrote "suger", so I figure if they can't even spell sugar correctly, they probably didn't even know what they were talking about.  Still... it was a blue ribbon!
Wednesday... Took the goats into the fair.  Waffles jumped right through the fencing.  Problem.  I figured we'd just keep them locked up behind the barn door until Daniel could come and put something up.  We got back later that afternoon and put up a mesh lining.  That kept him in...  Kind of. 
Thursday...  The gal in the next stall said Waffles got out.  She put him back in.  Darned goat.  By now we smelled officially of barn. Feeding and watering in the morning and evening and cleaning the stall daily.  Isaac and Sam went to the last of the merit badge class today.
Friday... Two different people at two different times came to tell me they put Waffles back in the stall.  Booger.  So we took him home with us then brought him back for the show.  We got the goats all washed and brushed and the kids all dressed up for the show.  As we sat waiting until we could head back to line up for our class, there was a father and daughter behind us.  The little girl was bored and kept sighing loudly.  Then she said, as the dairy goats were on the third group and looking for a grand champion, "Dad, when will the goat show start??" To which the dad said they must not do tricks or anything.  So they left.  I thought it was pretty funny! Our kiddos did awesomely terrific.  They each got a blue ribbon and $3 to boot!
Sam went to a scout overnight and Ruthie went to a party at a friend's house.  Isaac and I went to get us some dinner and then sat around.  Smelling slightly of barn.
Saturday...  We spent some time at the fair and looking at the exhibits.  We took the goats out early.  Shhhhh.  Isaac went to a friend's house.  Then we went out to dinner for being awesome.  We spent the rest of the evening at the demolition derby.  Which was mighty boring.  We decided the Weber county sponsored derbies are not as much fun as Stirrin' Dirt.  I am loving the dirty diet coke stuff going on lately.  Limes.  Love. 
Sunday...  Church meetings and such.  We were all extremely exhausted from the week's activities.  So we got our jammies on after church, took naps and watched North By Northwest.  Isaac figured out how to spell The Docter with 2 $1 bills.  Notice Doctor is spelled wrong.  But I let it go. It's summer after all.
On to our last week of Summer.  I really feel we need one more week after this before school starts.  But I'm not in charge.  We start next Tuesday.  Ready or not.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Turn Out The Lights, The Show Is Over.

Last night was the goat show.  The kiddos got their goats washed and dried and brushed and leashed and walked and good and tired out.  Here they all are right before the show.
Just entering the show ring. 
The goats are 3 months old so they were in the Pet class 0-6 months old. 
Waiting for the judge.  This year's judge was (I thought) much better than last year's. 
Here is the judge with Isaac and Jake.  He got down with each goat as he talked to each handler.
With Sam and Woody.  He asked what the goat's name was and then told them to tell a little about their goat.
With Ruthie and Waffles.  The judge had a smile on his face the whole time and laughed and was extemely friendly.
Walking around the arena.  Ruthie's goat Waffles, not wanting to walk.
As she got into place, Waffles buckled his legs and she ended up dragging him.  The judge went over and helpedr her put him right and then brushed him off for her.

They each got a blue ribbon for participating.  They each also get $3 for their participation.
They did such a great job.  We are very proud of them and their goat skills!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Fair Day.

So our first day has blended into our second day at the county fair.
At the end of the first day, we had to have Daniel put some mesh up around the fence because Waffles kept leaving.  We didn't want to lose him.  As Daniel worked on the fence, Sam and Ruthie took the goats out and leashed them to the fence.  Then the crowd began to grow.
 It grew and grew until they were surrounded by kids and their moms snapping photos.

 They were surrounded much of the time.  They had a container of goat feed and would put a little in each tiny hand that reached for some.  The kiddos would feed the goats and pet them.  Finally the goats stopped eating.  They were stuffed and then we put them back in the stall for the night.
Now... On to my cookies.  Um, my BLUE RIBBON COOKIES!
I got a first place ribbon on my chocolate chip cookies.  And notice that of the 4 cookies I entered, one ENTIRE cookie is gone.  Other plates had a bite taken from the fourth cookie.  Mine are that good.
And on to my BLUE RIBBON CINNAMON BREAD! Yep, my bread got a first place ribbon too. 
I am pretty excited to have award winning recipes. 
 Ruthie and I have made a list of baked goods to enter into next year's fair.
Come see our goats and my award winning baked items at the Weber County Fair. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Have I Told You About...

How about all those times my sisters and, sometimes, little brother, would save our nickels and dimes and walk to the Quick Stop to buy treats?  We had to walk lots and cross a big road to get there.  It was on the corner before you entered the drive in theater.  We would buy these little boxes of candy... Boston Baked Beans, Lemon Heads (the real ones that were hard, none of these chewy, all the fruits in the basket kinds) and Red Hots.  They were only a nickel.  And then we would take the open end and blow into it to make a fun buzzy sound.  They don't make the boxes like that anymore.  And these cost me .25 cents a box. 
My kids would've liked to have lived in the "olden days" when candy cost five cents and the box became a toy.  They just don't have that kinda stuff in these modern times.  So deprived.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fair Flair.

The Weber County Fair begins tomorrow.  It goes through Saturday if you were wondering.  And for the second time, we are putting goats in the fair.  This time all three of my children will be showing their goats.  The goat show is this Friday at 4 pm in the show arena by the barns,  You know, in case you wanted to come.  Otherwise, if you happen to come to the fair another time, you can see our cute kids down goat alley (I just made that up, but there is one "alley" where all the goats are, so why not?!) on the east side, with the doors in the stalls.  We've trimmed hooves, practiced walking with a leash and have all of our goat things in order.
They will go in tomorrow morning.  Here is our sign.  I had wanted to have a sign made for the show and for our pasture.  But I didn't quite get to it.  So I made one myself.  We are calling our pasture "Vegeta's Goat Hide Away" after Vegeta the goat who was born here and died here. 
Here's an exciting addition!!  I have entered two yummy treats in the fair! 
My yummy and delicious chocolate chip cookies.  When I took them in this morning, the gal entering me looked at them and said "Ooh, they look yummy.  I want one.  I really don't like chocolate chip cookies, but those look wonderful!"  Or something like that.  I was pretty tickled!  But she's not a judge, so I have to wait and see...
I also entered my yummy and delicious cinnamon bread!  I made one large loaf and then 3 small loaves so I could manage the size of the large loaf.  Whoops.  I miscalculated the large loaf.  It came out flat and, well, flat.  So I quickly added to the recipe that it makes, not just 2 large loaves, but 6 mini loaves.  And then I took this magnificent looking mini loaf and entered it.
My entries cost all of $1.00.  And I can"make" all of $3 per entry!  Ruthie wants to enter next year.  We'll certainly do that and make more items.  And remember to not put our names on the recipe card.  And make the bread regular-like so I have a magnificent large loaf.  And get an awesome sign made for Vegeta's Goat Hide Away.
More fair news later in the week.  Wish us luck!

A Day In The Life.

It's only Tuesday and Look!!  I've got last week's stuff here.  Although only two of the pictures are actually from last week, and two are just apples from my kitchen, and the other three are my kids from when we went to The Leonardo... it's here.  Ta Da.
Monday... Went to grandma and grandpa's where Isaac tried to mend grandpa's computer.  Daniel and the kids went back that evening so he could look at it and fix it up.  Isaac and Sam went to a Scout merit badge class for Citizenship in the Nation. I love our nation's history. Though they had to watch the national news for 5 nights.  Yuck.  When the senator stuff came on we decided the first 15 minutes were plenty.   
Tuesday...  Marsha came over to do eyebrows.  I had a full load of people for her and it went beautifully.  The best part is when my friend Mandy comes and has to lay down on my couch to get her lashes tinted for a long time and I have to hold her cute little baby boy.  Oh my heart.  Isaac and Sam finished up the merit badge class and I finished up new member discussions for a couple of girls who were baptized several months ago. 
Wednesday... Doctor appointment then, because the merit badge class didn't have to meet today, we went to a summer movie and saw Jumanji.  Fun!  Boys had Scouts and hump day was done.
Thursday... The first PTA meeting of the year.  We discussed some stuff and then had a couple of guys come and give their spiels for fundraisers.  We ate yummy brownie bites but didn't like the cheesecake.  So we went with another company.  I am the PTA secretary again this year and will not be the Popcorn chair!  Another gal said she'd do it.  So I volunteered to do the PTA blog.  We'll see how that goes.
Friday...  We had a ward/neighborhood BBQ.  Daniel suggested that when we were finished eating we head up to the Ranch.  So we called grandpa the night before and invited them to come up.  Daniel and Ruthie went over on Thursday night to help him load a 4 wheeler into his truck so he could take it up.  It broke the window in the shell.  Oops.  But Friday night we headed up and got there late.  We stayed up even later to watch the Apple Dumpling Gang. 
Saturday... We slept in a little and then the boys were put to work.  For another merit badge (family life) they had to do projects and put the family to work.  So Isaac took up watering trees and put Ruthie, grandpa and dad to work.  Sam took up weed whacking and mowing.  Sam and I got to use the ax to chop some of the weeds that had turned into trees.  We had fun!  Then we got to ride the 4 wheelers around as our reward for lots of hard work.
After getting home, we pulled the baby goats out and trimmer their hooves to be ready for the fair.  Just like trimming fingernails.  County fair is just next week!
Sunday... Went to church.  By the time we left, my head was screaming. I got home, ate something, took something and went to bed.  Hours later I woke up and still felt horrible.  So we decided to not go to Daniel's sister's house for the family get together.  Bummer.  I told them I didn't have anything for dinner because we were eating at Jennifer's.  So Daniel made waffles and then we watched Charade.
This week is crazy busy with the county fair and goat show coming. 
Hope your week is eventful too!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Have I Told You About?

How about the time I got kissed by a boy in a van?? 
When I was 8 my Primary teacher, Brother Leatham, would pick up all the kids in our class and we would all go to the baptism of the latest class member.  It was Kim Kelly's turn to get baptized, so really I was just barely 8 because it was the beginning of February.  She had a January birthday.  So I was sitting next to Dirk Boren  in the middle seat of Brother Leatham's van.  His daughter Debbie was in the back seat.  We were coasting down the hill and overlooking the valley below us.  It must have been a romantic coast.  Dirk and I were chit chatting and enjoying the veiw.  And then he kissed my cheek. 


For Valentine's day, Dirk brought me a homemade valentine with pink and red hearts all over it.  It said "I like you, Love Dirk". 
*Double Sigh*
I don't recall if Dirk and I ever spoke to each other again.  Probably not.  But that's okay.  The memory is ingrained in my brain cells.  Dirk.  Actually I only thought of it because there is a character named Dirk in the book I'm reading to the kids.  So now it's ingrained in your memories.
*Sigh Again*