Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ah, the cuteness!

My Kids Are Cute! What can I say?


Thursday, June 19, 2008

By George! I've Got It!

Yep! I've the answer to climbing gasoline prices! I'm a genius! If only others saw in me what I feel about me! Wow! I'm amazing. So here it is...No, don't stop going places! STOP DRIVING!!!
You see, there is another way. A way better way. To get from point A to point B. Or if you're avoiding a big vacation, from point A to point Z.
Flying Camels!
You see, I was out with Daniel in the garden the other night. We have about 1/4 of our property not being used right now. We have always had big plans for it, though...a calf, a goat, a barn, a moto-cross range, chickens. But, we're lazy. It's just 1/4 acre of weeds. So we've really been trying to think of something brilliant to do with all that space. Hmm, maybe a mommy fort. No boys, no kids, just moms. Chocolate, Diet Dr. Pepper, ice, a DVD player....
Hello, you still here?? Ok. So we were watching some mindless cartoon at 10 pm last night on Boomerang. It was really dumb. BUT!!, there was this camel. Now, I think, what a nice looking camel. Then the kids in the cartoon get on the camel and the camel starts to fly! You got it! FLY! Up in the sky! So I say to Daniel, "Let's get us a flying camel!" He says, "Ok, we can put it out in the pasture area......hmmmm, I'd have to get something to go over the top so it doesn't fly away." Serious! This is our conversation! It was late.
So here's the deal. I'm gonna go out and find me a flying camel. I might find 2. A boy. A girl. They'll meet, fall in love, have 3 baby camels. We'll all have our own flying camel! We can then sell our cars...won't make much, but we'll have more room in the garage. Then we will just ride our flying camels everywhere! They don't drink much, so we won't have to stop for water. In fact, I don't think they eat much. We won't have to stop for food. And if they do get hungry, we'll just watch for a patch of grass...let the kids run, let the camels eat, Daniel and I will go behind the tree....
So, you see, we won't have to bother with rising gasoline prices. The heat won't bother them so we could go to the Sahara! I don't like heat, so maybe we'll just go to Alaska! I'll let you all know what I can find. If there are only the 2 flying camels, I'm taking them! I won't share. I'm nice, but.... So there you have it. Go find yourself a flying camel!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our Dad!

Our dad's the biggest guy, and our dad's the strongest guy, and our dad's the nicest guy of any guy in town.
He can do anything, he'll fix your bike or fly your kite, cause our dad, our dad's the greatest guy around.
He can throw a ball so high you think it's gonna break the sky; he knows the name of every kind of jet (vrooooom);
He can add up any sum, he always has money for bubble gum. We haven't figured how he does it yet.
But, our dad's the smartest guy, and our dad's the bravest guy, and our dad's the neatest guy.
It's positively so.
May be I'll introduce you, then you'll know that it's the truth that our dad, our dad's the greatest guy you know.

Our dad and his GQ pose! Now you see why I married him?! And of course, there's this! Always this! I love it!
Our dad's the greatest dad in the world! Just ask his kids!
We love you dad! Happy Father's Day!
(lyrics above by Janeen Brady "My Dad")

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Sounds daunting, doesn't it? But really, I have finally had a diagnosis for what has been a lifetime infliction. I have born this for so long without really seeking what I've needed. I've been ignoring it, if that's possible. And just the other day, while talking to my sister, Katie (who isn't a blogger, but reads mine because I'm so funny...Hi Katie!) on the phone, we got to the point in conversation which always is sure to come...Therapy! Oh yes, we therapize each other. I get it from other people, too. Many times they don't even realize they have therapized me, but they have. I am grateful!
You see, Katie was at my mom and dad's on Sunday and while they were all talking and eating chocolate cake (why, oh why, didn't we put gas in the van the night before so we could have been eating chocolate cake, too??) the discussion moved to a point of therapy that would lead to my own diagnosis! My brother Adam (who I'm sure doesn't read my blog, but I'll say it anyway...'sup, Adam) diagnosed Katie! Yes we have both suffered for a long time. Here it is...
I'm coming clean
out of the closet
stepping out
taking charge
a clean slate
I have suffered all my life...... (You ready for this??!!)....
I am a
Are you shocked? So what does this mean exactly? It means I binge, then forget to purge! Seriously! I love to eat (watch for a celebratory song later) and I never forget to eat. It's just that I let it stay and grow and add padding to an already padded body!
Now the amnesia part is kinda spotty. But it really comes into play in so many areas of my life. For instance...
I've forgotten to move laundry from the washer to the dryer
I've forgotten to wash the towels
I've forgotten to put gas in the car
I've forgotten to wash my hair on hairwashing day
I've forgotten to buy toilet paper
Heck, I've forgotten to go to the bathroom
But I have NEVER, EVER, EVER , I repeat NEVER forgotten TO EAT!
Seriously! How can you forget to EAT??? So that brings me to a song. Now, you will only be able to sing along if you've seen Mary Poppins (who I idolize) (practically perfect in every way!) and know the scene with Ed Wyn when he floats to the ceiling while laughing. He sings "I love to laugh! Ha ha ha ha. Loud and long and clear! I love to laugh (da ta da da) so everbody can hear!" So here's my version. But you can only use that tune for the first little bit. I'm a lover not a lyricist!
I love to eat! Yum, yum, yum, yum
Every day of the year!
I love to eat! (da ta da da)
So bring that pizza right here!
I 'll eat donuts and cookies and chocolate cake!
Bring me fried rice, burritos and cheese!
Let me have that big burger,
Did I forget to say Please??
Oh I love to eat! Yum, yum, yum ,yum
Every waking hour
I love to eat (da ta da da)
I'll even take something sour!
I'll take Mexican, Chinese, Italian
Some broccoli and a nice carrot spear
So please get me some fries and a hot dog
I'll be waiting right here!
Ok. I'm getting hungry. So you now all know my broblem. Yes. I know. It's sad. But now some of you may have been able to get some therapy from this post and can now proudly sing a little song and not worry that you have just a bit of amnesia! I feel we are the lucky ones. Do you realize that if we have a famine, we will survive longer than the skinny people?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Stitch In Time

Because it was only a matter of Time before we would have to get Stitches!
Daniel moved the tramp while the boys were on it. Big mistake!
Sam's mouth went right into the back of Isaac's head!
Daniel grabbed him and brought him in the house. He was suddenly missing his front top tooth. The other front top tooth is now loose. As we cleaned all the blood off his mouth, we saw that he had 2 pretty good openings on his bottom lip.
Ewww!! Oh my stars! And did I see stars! I'm not one to faint, but all that blood!
One cut on his lip was open pretty wide, so Daniel took him to the Insta-Care.
He got one stitch! Just one! But one stitch in a land that hasn't had any stitches in the last 8 years is something to get excited about!
Sam was thrilled to have a stitch in his lip. He will proudly be sporting that stitch for about the next 5 days!
And, of course, he can't get pictures taken and not make this face!
What a ham!
There is now a law against moving the tramp while chidren are on it!
And Isaac's head is sporting a little goose egg!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Are we done yet?

Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime!
School is out, scream and shout!
Yes, school is out and that means summer is here.
The thing is, it's been 1 week. Yes! 1 week. I'm tired!
Here is a picture list of our first week of summer....
We set up the sprinkler ring on the tramp. Fun!
Jumped on the tramp with a neighbor friend. Woohoo!
"I'm cold!" After all, it is only 65 degrees outside.
We did jobs.
Because mom won't last the summer with everyone home and no one helping with dishes and dusting.
Sam made a funny hat. He ate cocopuffs out of this hat on Saturday.
We had our first weekly library visit and reading picnic. We are currently reading Charlotte's Web together.
Sam got some much desired computer time.
Isaac uses the old decrepid computer in the basement to play his train game.
We played Twister.Sam wanted to wear dad's boots to play T-ball. Sorry, no T-ball pictures!
We went to 7-11 for a treat!
Because no mom can go a week with her kids home and not get a 7-11 treat!
(it's only a Slurpee, her face might say it's something stronger, but it's only Slurpee)
We got new sandles. (sandals?)
Took a nap!
We tried out the new swimming pool.
And got splashed with the hose.
We all went to the way cool Demolition Derby.
Nothing better than cheering when cars crash into each other!
It was hot and we stayed up way late.
Sam caught a frisbee with his forehead, so he got to trade it in for a prize. He chose the clapper!
We also had a BBQ with extended family.
We also went to the dentist.
And we also rode our bikes to the school to play at the park.

We have poster sized calendars of all our summer events.
We already have things on the calendar that might as well be engraved in stone.
Did I mention that I'm tired?

So, my question is this, are we going to survive the summer?
Only 12 more weeks to go to know for sure!