Saturday, March 30, 2013

What A Week!

It's Saturday.  Our Spring Break is coming to a close.  It's beautiful outside.  Tomorrow is Easter.
We've had a seriously busy week.  Last Saturday Daniel's car engine bit the dust.  It's gone.  He had a guy looking for an engine, but to no avail.  We are in the process of finding another car.  Little, cheap, quick.
We blew eggs on Monday and then colored them.
I love the egg blowing rather than boiling.  Less stink.
We got some clay and made some pretty cool stuff.
My fruit basket.  So life-like you wanna eat it, right?
A dog.
We also had a day of making stuff out of these weird things called nuudles.  Yes.  Weird.
 But loads of fun.  We also went to the zoo.  But it was so crowded we left and went to the Museum of Natural History instead.  Good times.
Kids played outside in the absolutely gorgeous weather. 
We visited grandma and grandpa, got our teeth cleaned, I was set apart as a ward missionary, I went to my last Wolf Den Meeting, we had many late nights and had a most wonderful time.  We also have been doing our Easter week lessons about the things Jesus did each day before the Resurrection.  Boy are we grateful for Him.  Happy Easter and enjoy the beauty of Spring!  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Regional Science Fair.

Yesterday was the Regional Science Fair and Isaac got to participate.  He was at the Dee Event Center ALL DAY!  Afterward, we went to goat club and then Daniel came to pick him up and run him over for the award ceremony.  And boy are we glad he did.
They started calling names of kids who got Honorable Mention and $1000 scholarships to Westminster College.  No kids were there.  And then.. Then.. They called Isaac.  Daniel took pictures on his phone, but I can't get them over here.  So I had Isaac do a re-do of what he did.   
He got the crowd to cheer.  He got his certificates and went back to sit down.  I love that he was so excited that he got everyone else excited.  Congrats cutie pie! We are so glad the Science Fair is DONE!

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Bit Of This 'N That.

On the secret freckle...
After doing a little research I don't think I will ever lose my eye.  But if I do, it will be okay.  I will forgo the eye patch and get a super awesome glass eye.  Then I can take it out and freak people out.  And I will save 50% on contacts.  I do believe in being prepared, so I close my right eye while driving.  Hah!!

On the science fair...
Because Isaac got 3rd place at the district science fair, he was invited to the regional science fair.  It's going on right this moment.  We won't be going to the award deal tonight.  I'm glad this is the last of the science fair this school year.  Isaac told me to plan on this for the next several years. 

On goat club...
One of the cute girls in goat club is a 4-H ambassador.  So she had to set up and execute a 4-H fair.  We offered to come and be part of it.  Isaac did a table for Robotics 4-H and Ruthie and Sam did a poster and table for goat club, specializing in Pygmy goats.  I was proud of my kiddos for all their work and so excited for Karlee who did all the work.  No one came.  Her mom was so sad.  But we call it success because now my kiddos have that experience and know what they will do more awesomely next time.

On choking...
Last Wednesday night Daniel was sitting with Sam to do homework.  Sam started making all these funny noises.  Then Daniel says "Are you choking??"  Then he did the Heimlich and saved Sam's life.  It was scary.  Sam was seriously choking and Daniel saved him.  Whew!

On callings...
I have been a Wolf Den leader for almost 3 years.  I love this calling.  8 year old boys are so fun.  And crazy.  Yesterday I was sustained as a Ward Missionary.  I am so excited for this new adventure.  I have a companion and everything.  There are a lot of women in our ward and its boundaries that need sister missionaries. A new adventure indeed.  Isaac was called to be the secretary in his quorum a couple weeks ago.  One of his assignments is to send emails out the the quorum for activities for the month.  When he did the email for March, he added flair and personality to an otherwise boring list of dates.  Awesomeness!

On spring rolls...
I'm having spring rolls for lunch.  With ginger soy sauce.

On the basement...
We have one door up in the basement now.  I still need to finish painting and Daniel is back on track with the tile in the shower.  We have also cleared out the storage unit.  Yay!

On the gynecologist...
I went in this morning for my yearly exam.  As the doctor left the room he said "It was great to see you".  Hmmm

So there you have it.  Have a most wonderful day!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Secret Freckle.

You have one, too.  Right??  I mean, everyone should have a secret freckle.  And I do.  Wanna know where it is??  Sounds too much like a trick question (or a dirty question).  But why would I blog about it unless I could share it?!  So here's my story...

Long long ago on a planet far far away, I had an appointment with my Opthamologist.  That's an eye doctor.  And it was actually in Ogden on Wednesday.  Anyway.  It's a new doctor for me because my old one who knows the insides of my eyes like crazy moved.  He took an extra long time examining my eyes.  Then he got out other lenses and examined much more.  Then he sat on his chair with the computer and typed.  For 5 minutes straight!!  I just sat there wondering what he was typing about my eyes.  Then he got done and turned around and told me all the stuff I already know about Diabetes and eyes.  Duh!  30 years, remember?!  Then he said I have a freckle or mole on the inside of my right eye.  What the what?  He looked at my arms and asked if I have had melanoma or any type of skin cancer or pre-cancer.  No melanoma, but I do have pre-cancer that I see a dermatologist for on a regular basis.  Then Mr. Dr. said that the freckle on my eye can grow and/or turn into melanoma! WHAT THE WHAT?!  So he proceeded to go through the facts.  No viable treatment.  No cure.  If it turns to the big stuff, they can inject something in that might take care of it.  Otherwise, and I quote, "We take the eye and save your life".  Um. "But I don't want to scare you."

So then they took pictures of this secret freckle.  It was awesome.  Actually it was quite ugly.  Then I go back in a matter of months to make sure it doesn't change.  Please don't change please don't change.  And then we just go on forever more checking and hoping I don't get melanoma in my eye.  Crazy, right??  Right.  Thanks for agreeing with me. 

I am now thinking I could sport the Pirate rage and wear a patch.  And a frilly blouse.  And get a parrot.  Daniel says we'll just get me a glass eye.  My kids really like that idea. 

So there you have it.  My secret freckle story.  Aren't you glad you know it?  And so now I ask you...
Where's your secret freckle?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Birthday Review.

Isaac is a teenager.  And this is how a teenager spends his birthday.  First, on Thursday night, birthday eve, we went to the jr high to see the play his good friend Craig was in. 
Friday I asked Isaac if turning 13 was going to be a lucky year or an unlucky year.  He said after last year's birthday, anything would be luckier.  But he also said he's not superstitious.  Okey dokey.
Turning 13 only gets you 2 gifts from mom and dad. 
But worth the 2 bags.  He got a tablet.  He also got a programming book. I get the tablet, I don't get the book.  Look at the smile
After the gifts we went to dinner at Applebee's.  Then, stuffed to the gills, we went bowling.  Isaac just wanted to do something as a family.  I'll take it!  Look at that form!
Sam doing the granny throw.  He was a gutter champ!
And look at this cute form.  Ruthie was a gutter queen.  Until the second game!
During school Isaac texted me and said "BEST birthday ever".  When I asked why, he said, "Mr H sang to me in class"  That's his math teacher.  He got out his guitar and sang his own birthday song.
I love teachers like that.  Now if you were wondering where Isaac got his form...
Then it was back to home and CAKE!  We still have some.  Come on over and we'll share.
Isaac had a totally awesome birthday!  He's so glad to be a teenager.  Now he can say things like "It's a teenager thing" or "It's because I'm going through puberty" or "I need to sleep, I'm a teenager" and, of course, "I can be cranky, I'm 13".  I like to throw out "Hey, be nice or I'll squish the hormones out of you!", but he doesn't think it's that funny.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Lucky 13.

Today is the day.
This young man... 
Is now a teenager!
P1050503Isaac working on science project
My baby boy is 13!
There will be cake.  There will be gifts.  There will be eating out.  There will be bowling.  And then more cake!
Happy birthday Isaac.  We love you and are so grateful you belong to us!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


This is a fabutastic Make A Meal episode!  Why?  'Cause I'm hungry.  So here's what to do to make a fantabulous meatball sub.  That you will LOVE! 
First, go to Costco and grab a big bag of their meatballs.  Exquisite!  Yum.  Also, while you're there, grab a bag of the hoagie rolls.  Also, grab TP.  you never know.  Also again, grab whatever else makes you smile when you go to Costco.  But you'll have to grab your sauce somewhere else.  They don't have the Hunt's stuff there.  At least not that I know of.  Let me know if they do.  It will make this meal a one-stop-shopping meal too!  Now I need to offer up some well deserved praise to my sister in law Jennifer who served meatball sandwiches at a recent family get together.  She used the Costco balls and she used Hunt's four cheese sauce.  I have since tried a few other sauces.  I always go back!
Meatball Subs:
Costco Meatballs
Hunt's Four Cheese pasta sauce
Hoagie Rolls
Cheese. Any cheese you like.
First, heat the meatballs in the oven as directed on the package.  Put the sauce in a pot and add the meatballs when they're heated.  Then heat up the sauce and meatballs.  Mmmmm.
Slice the hoagie rolls in half for easier eating.  Or don't.  I don't care.  But you'll want to do more than just have a limpy wimpy roll to put your stuff on.  So do this... Seriously, do it... Put butter in a bowl with a couple of garlic cloves all crushed and yummy.  Melt it in the microwave.  Then brush it on the bread and then sprinkle some cheese on it.  I put Parmigiano Reggiano, also from Costco.  But you could use Mozzerella or just whatever you've got in the drawer of your fridge.  Put those babies under the broiler and wait a bit.  Don't burn, but please toast well. MMMmmm.  Your house will smell delicioso now!
Then put a couple of meatballs and some extra sauce and another sprinkle of cheese of choice.
I have nothing more to say.  My mouth is full.  My tummy is happy.  The stars are aligned. And I smell like garlic.  Life is good.


It's March. 
And today is the warmest day of the year.  It's been too long since the sun has penetrated the cold in my body.  Too long since grass was green.  Too long since I opened a window. 
So today I opened a window.  Today I admire the grass everywhere I go, even if it's brown.  Today I soak up the sun with all my might. 
What are you doing on the warmest day of the year?