Monday, March 10, 2014

Art Night.

On Friday night Abbie and Poppy came up to take our family to dinner.  We went to Burrito Grande.  Obviously.  After dinner we went to the elementary school for Arts Night.  I headed to a kiva to be a volunteer curator for a bit.  Ruthie and Sam took Abbie, Poppy, Isaac and dad around to each kiva to look at all the art.  Abbie and Poppy bought Ruthie's art and then Sam's art.
After a bit Ruthie got on stage with the other 4th graders for their performance. 
They sang This Land Is My Land.  Awesome!
Shortly after that the 6th graders got on stage to dance.  Sam did some dancing and had tons of fun.
Then the choir, including Sam, got up to sing.  They did such a great job.  They ended with What Does The Fox Say.  Then some teachers got up and lip synched and danced to the same song.  It was so much fun.
It was a fun filled night.  Our school made lots of money from the art and auction to help purchase safety items for the school. 
Thanks Abbie and Poppy for coming and sharing with us!

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