Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Letter To The First Lady.

Ruthie is not happy with her lunch tray at school.  The loss of "treats", like a cookie or brownie, has had an effect on her.  So she took action.  She wrote a letter to Mrs. Obama to share her thoughts on the first lady's hand menacing her lunch tray.
April 13, 2014 274

Loss of Sweets
Dear Michelle Obama,
I just wanted to know why you have cut dessert at all schools in the country? .... Anyway, when I used to get school lunch I want to have something sweet like a cookie or a brownie.  I think that if you would put desserts back on you would make kids happy.  Also the lunch ladies are putting corn and lots of vegetables in our Navajo taco and chicken on our nachos.  I get home lunch because I don't like school lunch.  It was an honor writing to you, you are my role model and I think that just because you weren't born in America doesn't mean you can't be president.  I'm Chinese and I'm adopted and I'm proud of it.


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