Monday, May 16, 2011

A Moment.

I still have snot.

Isaac smacked the back of his head on the fire place mantel tonight. It left a rather deep dent. To be sure his skull was okay, I took him in to get it checked. The doctor felt it and looked him over and said he'd order a CT scan if I wanted. He was sure it wasn't cracked, but would go with what the mom wants to do. I decided, with all the info he gave, that we would just watch him through the night and keep him home tomorrow and keep an eye on him. If he pukes, gets dizzy, loses strength in his arms or legs or anything of that nature, my orders are to get him right to the ER for a CT scan.

When we got home Isaac asked his dad for a priesthood blessing. Daniel and I talked about whether he needed a healing blessing or a blessing of comfort-a father's blessing. We talked to Isaac and decided on a father's blessing. I love it when my kids get blessings. I am comforted.

We got Isaac medicated, teeth brushed, prayers said and covers on. I went to clean up the kitchen. As the water ran and dishes were being scraped, I began to hear a very sweet sound. I turned off the water and listened. Daniel, Sam and Ruthie were singing together. I Am A Child Of God. I went down the hall and saw Sam holding the Hymn book with Daniel standing next to him and Ruthie still in bed. All sweetly singing. I teared up a bit.

And I am comforted.


Kates said...

I love those moments! Makes everything worth it. I hope Isaac is feeling ok soon. We wouldn't want him to go in to the "Wheel of Power" or anything traumatic like that.

Jen said...

What a perfect memory to tuck away, for the rest of your life! (The singing part, not the collision with the mantle - ouch!)

Hope the "snots" go away soon - I had the snots last week. Not fun.

Kim said...

Awww!! Sweetness!! (Except for the snot part.)