Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Rave For A Fave.

I love to read. And I love books. This post is about one of my favorite children's books.

The Story Of Ferdinand. Written by Munro Leaf. And the amazing drawings are by Robert Lawson.
This is a book from my childhood. My mom read this to us. I loved it.
It's about Ferdinand the bull. He loves to just sit under a cork tree and smell the flowers. This is one of my favorite pages to read. "His mother saw that he was not lonesome, and because she was an understanding mother, even though she was a cow, she let him just sit there and be happy." I love the "even though she was a cow" part!

The other bulls wanted to go to Madrid to fight in the bull fights. But not Ferdinand. One day he went to sit under his cork tree when something happened. He sat on a bumble bee. "Well, if you were a bumble bee and a bull sat on you what would you do? You would sting him. And that is just what this bee did to Ferdinand!" Ouch! I love Ferdinand's eyes.

And you'll just have to get the book to see what happens to Ferdinand the Bull. It's such a great story. I promise you'll love it.
And so will your kids.

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Kim said...

I'm embarrased to say that I've never read this book! I'll have to get it from the library. I was fun to run into you last night!