Monday, March 26, 2012


Time for some JOY. Because there is much.

First one of my favorites in the food aisle. Havarti Cheese. Can't get enough. Perfect to just eat right out of the bag. Perfect on grilled cheese. Perfect in a sandwich wrap. Wonderful, flavorful, mild and delicious. Havarti. How I love you.Of course, there are the new baby goats, Felix and Iris. Felix is the white and Iris is the black. They are so fun to watch. But what I find great JOY in is watching Mama Cass-the skiddish goat-protect, love, care for and mama her kids. Her Mama-ness amazes me. And in that I find great JOY.

And then there are these...
Isaac. Passing the Sacrament, collecting Fast Offerings, will be going to the Priesthood session of conference this weekend, loving the goats, making sure Vegeta and Biscuit are loved and played with, robots galore, writes like a pro and all around great guy.Samuel. Goat loving, gentle baby goat holder, trampoline jumper, creative builder of Legos and Bionicles, A great friend to some great boys, getting his Bear badge this week at Pack Meeting, lost a tooth but enjoyed sticking it out like this for a while, fun cuddler and all around super sweetie pie.Ruthann. Drawer of fine art, super helper for mom, baby goat watcher and wrangler, a great future in babysitting, activity day going and loving, super smiling friend, the best picture taker and wonderful daughter and sister.What more could a cheese eating, goat owning, mother of terrific kiddos want?? O My Heart.

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