Monday, March 5, 2012

A Bit Of Useless Information.

It's beautiful outside at my house. Well, minus the goat poop smell. But the sun is shining and it's kinda warm out there. I love the feel of a warm sun. Spring. Bring it!

A couple of weeks ago I walked in on a conversation between 2 wonderful ladies. The subject was this: What band did Bret Michaels sing with back in the day? There was talk of Poison. So in my infinite wisdom of such things I say this: Yep. Bret Michaels was with Poison. Uhuh. I know this.

Actually forget I said anything about infinite wisdom. The fact that B.M. (that's how I'll address him if I need to address him again, although I know that the B and the M can make you think of something else which I'd rather not talk about. So I won't.) and Poison are floating around in my head is just, well, random. So back to the lack of infinite wisdom about B.M. There is none. It's actually one little tidbit of totally useless information that is in my head. I only know it because I was watching that music video channel on TV. A Poison video came on. And who was singing? B.M. So I just stored that tidbit away.

And it came in handy. For just a small moment I was the coolest and smartest in the room.

Like last night. Daniel came to me and said this: I know what we can watch next (on NetFlix). What? I said. He responded with: The A Team. To which I sang the theme song. Which I can't type out. It's just music. But it came out so fast and furious that even Daniel was impressed.

So you see? Useless information can float around unneeded and unused for years. And then the right time comes and BLAM! you whip it out and impress.

And that's all I really have to say about that. What useless information do you have floating around in your head?


Jennifer B. said...

My useless information is the theme song to "Fresh Prince" I enjoy all Will Smith's movies but this song is stuck for life. My husband and kids get a laugh out of it every time they hear me sing the song with the tv show they happen to come across.

Kristi said...

unfortunately I seem to have more of that type of information floating around than anything useful.