Saturday, September 8, 2012

Storage And Skills.

We have a storage unit.  We've needed to get it so we could store all the junk stuff in the basement while we work on finishing it.  The basement's gotta be done by December.  Beginning of December.  We are in charge of Daniel's family Christmas party and I don't want to do it in the church.  Home is where the heart is, ya know.  But there is just no way on earth that all of that family can fit in our house without a basement to spread out to.  It's September.  Did you know that?  And how much is done?  Welp, we are just starting to move the stuff out.  Walls WILL be up soon!
And in other news... We have another mower of the lawn.  Sam is large and in charge and loves to mow.  When you drive by and wonder why Daniel's skills have diminished so, just think about Sam.  He's 10.  He's working on his skills.  And it's awesome!

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