Monday, October 29, 2012


Saturday morning beamed bright...  Ok, it was dark.  Middle of the night dark really.  Isaac, Daniel and I began our day before 6 am.  We headed down to the Bountiful temple with name cards in hand to do baptisms for the dead.  Isaac was baptized for 8 male ancestors and I was baptized for 11 female ancestors.  I had been doing some family history work and we have begun our part to get these family members closer to their eternal goal.  Isaac's one comment was "I didn't know I was going to get wet", which makes me wonder, what did he think when he was baptized at age 8??  And when we  talk about baptism we talk about immersion, going all the way in.  Wouldn't you expect to get wet?  Anyhoo, we went to breakfast after where Isaac made us laugh and we all had a good time.  He even brought home some of his breakfast to share with Sam and Ruthie. 

Today I was in Walmart to grab some spray paint because Isaac is actually going to dress up for Halloween this year.  As I left the paint department an older lady called out, I think just for anyone to answer considering there were people all around and she wasn't looking at anyone in particular, that she needed help finding those little plastic containers that you put food in because she made too much stew.  So I strode over and said I could take her to them.  I pointed out the direction and she said she was glad she asked because she'd already been down that way.  So we got there and we looked at the plethora of choices.  Small, medium, large, extra large, 3 containers, 9 containers.  Then the sailor talk ansued.  She was just so sweet and most likely in her 80's and hunched over and talking about the excess of stew at her house and so when the swearing began I just went with it.  She was just so sweet.  Not shocking or in your face or crude. Just a very sweet and tender "sh*t, they're so big".  And on it went.  After choosing a set of 4 medium sized food containers with pretty red lids, she said she would like to find a really "cute" roaster pan.  Just a small one, mind you.  She also needed hydrogen peroxide. Her hair was pink.  I told her it was a beautiful white, to which she responded by pointing out that it was a wig.  She wore the wig because her hair is pink. Hydrogen peroxide it is then. But first we went to the pans and roasters and such.  She so didn't want the big black with gray specks roaster pan.  So we looked some more.  She found these pans and skillets that were red, green, purple and such and began with all the swearing about how d*mned cute they were.  Then she saw the tiny cast iron skillet which you could get and swat your man over the head with if he got outta line.  It was just the right size.  So we decided everything was too big or too expensive and headed to the hydrogen peroxide.  At one point she asked if we were lost.  I said no, it's just a big store.  I grabbed the smallest bottle when we got to the first aid stuff and told her it was .52 cents.  She took it and thanked me and said she was gonna get some kitty stuff now.  We said our goodbyes and I went to pay for my spray paint. 

So my question is, did you expect to get wet when you were baptized??

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Laurie said...

LOL, so funny that Isaac didn't realize he'd get wet! Awesome experience with mom and dad, though! I love that you became a personal shopper for the older lady- sailor talk and all!