Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Holy Cats Batman!

I'm just gonna say it. 
I've been busy.
Very Very Busy.
I've got nothing more to say on that.
I have taken a few pictures though.
Here is the scale.  Something weighs 141 pounds.  What could it be??
It's a pumpkin.  Daniel had gotten pumpkin seeds from a guy at work and we got 3 huge pumpkins from them.  Daniel carved one...
Pretty cool.  We have one more left that didn't get carved.  We're taking it up to the Ranch this Saturday to blow it up.  Yep.  You read that right.  We're gonna blow it up. 
We know how to have fun!
Sam.  He bruised just under his bottom lip. Like a strange soul patch!
As for Halloween, Isaac went to a party with all his friends.  He has such a great group of boys he hangs out with.  They are all across the street and in a different Stake.  Dang it.
Sam and Ruthie dressed up.  I did not get a picture.  I was taking care of some RS business as they got ready and then they took off.  Sam was a pumpkin zombie. Here's his stash!
And Ruthie with hers.  She was a vampire.  You can see the blood coming from her mouth. 
Life has certainly been full lately.  My family has been blessed as I've been working with my new calling.  We are all busy and happy and healthy.  Couldn't ask for more!

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