Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I keep coming to this "new post" page. Then I just look at it. Then the timer goes off because the bread is done baking or something starts to burn or something spills or or or. Or maybe I have mono again. I can't get into the blog thing lately. My hips still hurt. Mostly from standing and dipping cinnamon bears in chocolate or sprinkling cinnamon on cinnamon bread dough or making candy cane bark or wrapping presents. My feet hurt. Speaking of wrapping presents, you can't see my tree skirt. I am putting everything under the tree this year. Well, except for the one Santa gift they each get. And what's in the stockings. Which were never hung by the chimney with care or anything else. We light the fire place and it gets too hot. So they are under my bed. But don't tell my little people that. My house is a mess. Especially my kitchen. I've baked several thousand loaves of cinnamon bread and have made many many pounds of candy cane bark. On the day I crushed candy canes the bottom of my socks were sticky. My floor is sticky. And cinnamony. And there's other stuff there too. But I'm not looking too closely. I did laundry today and will probably to it again on Friday so I don't have to do any on Saturday. Did you know that Saturday is Christmas Eve? Holy hotcakes! Are you ready? Believe it or not, I think I am. Except I need to make like 8 more loaves of cinnamon bread. But I'll wait until Friday to do that. I'm excrutiatingly tired. I haven't been sleeping and then Daniel told me I have been snoring and when I snore I wake myself up. So I just started wearing those nose strips again. Sexy!! I happen to know I don't have mono. I'd guess I was just really bored. But after all I've been doing lately and what more I still need to do and having spent much time at the school the last couple of days (and NO I will not be going to the dumb sing along!) I think it's something else. When I find out what I'll let you know.

In the meantime, have a.....


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