Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Hips Hurt.

So last night I was in the midst of reading volume 9 of a 9 volume set of historical fiction. I'll stop right there and breathe for a sec. Because 9 volumes is a lot of reading. Okay. Ready. I was finishing a chapter where they were talking about northern California and Sutter's Fort. I then went back to my childhood growing up in northern California and really not appreciating the rich history there. There are missions all along the California coast line and many inland as well. I wish I could just go back and enjoy the history. Then my thoughts went to an old TV show Daniel and I have been watching called Psych. It's on Netflix and we stay up late every night watching 2 or 3 episodes and I'm truly exhausted. But the show is set in Santa Barbara, California. And in a recent episode they were at one of those historical missions. And then I thought about Santa Barbara being in my mission and I never got there. I served in 4 other places. 2 coastal and 2 inland. I like the coastal areas best. Not that I got to go to the coast because water is a missionary's enemy. But they were beautiful areas! Stopping now to think about the beauty of Oxnard and Santa Maria. Aaahhh. Okay. Ready. So then my thoughts go to when we drove through Rancho Cucamonga in So Cal where I lived many years ago. We got off the freeway there so we could get breakfast on our way home. As we drove through I realized I had no idea where we were. It has grown and changed so much. And I wanted so bad to drive through and find where I lived and where I worked so I could show the kids. But we got a late start and needed to go. But it really had changed and I really didn't recognize it at all. And then it occurred to me that it was 22 years ago that I moved there. 22 years. And so I got Daniel's attention and told him that I feel old and then went through all of what I just shared with you. And then, in some weird way, my hips started to hurt.

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Kim said...

Place DO change fast, huh?!? Just think about how much the area around your home now has changed in the last 10 years...the old goat/sheep farm with all of those sea gulls is now a ton of homes! That IS a peculiar coincidence that your hip started hurting right after you thought you were getting older. Hope it feels better soon!! Miss you!