Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Day Of Labor.

So the basement goal was to have carpet in by Labor day.  Aaaaaaaaaah.  Think vibrato, Angels are singing. 
But things change.  Plans change.  The Angels were on vacation.
The microwave stopped working.  One microwavable dish at a time.  When a simple quesadilla just wouldn't melt, we called it.
So long microwave which has gotten us through 14 and a half years of food warming and all around delightful nuking.
Daniel and I headed to Lowe's and got a new one on Monday.  We're staying with white to match the other appliances, then when we re-do the kitchen, (read:knock out the wall and give me a bigger kitchen) we'll replace all the appliances.  With another color.  Like black.  Or, if finances allow, that silver expensive stuff.
Here's the guy who's gonna put that baby in.  While he does that, I thought you might like to see what IS finished in the eternally unfinished basement...
All the window sills got painted on Monday.  The curtains had to come down for a day, but now they're finished. Yay window sills! Obviously we didn't pull weeds on Monday.  We need something to do another day.
I took the rest of that white paint and painted this door to the food storage.  It's already on it's hinges, so I did it carefully. Becuase we still have 4 more basement doors, all the basement baseboards to get done, and then 7 upstairs doors and many more baseboards to re-do, I suggested we invest in one of those paint sprayers.  Also, I have a trigger finger starting again.  Different hand and finger, but I can feel it growing.  I need a sprayer.
Daniel finished the bathroom tile.  Well, not the grout. But we purchased the grout.  So now he needs to grout.  Then I'll paint.  Then we'll get the vanity.  Then we'll call Steve to come put all the necessaries in so we have a functioning bathroom.  Except they can't shower til I get a shower curtain.  Details, details.
Oh!  Why look at that.  Tile in the entry way. Daniel stopped here, with 6 full tiles, but we can add another row to make it 9.  How clever is that!  And it needs to be grouted. 
Let's head back up and see what's happening with the microwave, shall we?  Let's shall.
What the WHAT??  A black microwave.  But.. But..  it's like 3-5 years early. 
What happened? 
Um.  They gave us the wrong one.  But we're Labored out.  Let's keep it.
And there you have it. One of these appliances is not like the others.  But it gives us hope that one day all the kitchen appliances will match.  And.. I guess we're going with black.
That was our Labor day.  We're labored out.  

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Anonymous said...

Love the tile in the bathroom! Daniel did a great job. Love the mismatched appliances too. Ours are in that state of flux right now as well. It gives me just a glimpse of what my kitchen will look like when all the other appliances die (again!). - Katie