Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Have I Told You About...

Have I told you about my hurting tooth...

Wait.  Remember when I did tell you about my tooth that hurt like crazy cakes back in July?  We were getting ready to go to Lava and I didn't want my tooth to break while in Idaho.  So I went in and the dentist couldn't see anything wrong.  Even in the x-rays. 

Well, yesterday the problem was solved.  My tooth broke.  But wait!  Let me begin again. 

Yesterday I was eating those yummy Brookside chocolate covered pomegranate dealios.  Yum.  I had just gotten some peaches into the freezer in slices and jam.  All of a sudden my tooth was out.  My crown.  But it went right back on.  I spit out what was in my mouth, went pale and called the dentist.  I said my crown popped off.  She said to be there in 45 minutes and they'd glue it back on.  So I'm thinking, this is the problem.  It was just losing its seal and that's why it's been hurting. 

I get to the dentist and apologize for whatever treats are now under my tooth that popped up and then went back down.  I explain the treat I was eating and that it was worth it.  They're that good.  So the dentist is trying with all his dentist might to pull the crown out.  It won't budge.  So he gets this melty stuff and puts it on the crown and tells me to bite down hard and then pull my teeth apart.  That baby is not coming off.  By now, they are all wishing I'd brought some of the pomegranate stuff so I could just pull it out myself.  Again.

Then the dentist starts poking around to see what else is going on.  And he finds it.  It's the tooth behind the crown, the one that I said was actually hurting back in July.  It was broken clean in half.  Long ways.  He numbed me a little and pulled the broken piece off.  They took an x-ray to see about the root.  PLEASE! No root canal.  The root looked good. 

My tooth had cracked this summer, but not where he could see it, or even where an x-ray could see it.  Now my hurt mouth will be healed.  Except I have to have those nasty shots to numb my mouth so they can remove and shape and put a temporary crown on until the real thing is ready. Yuck.

I will be able to eat normally again on my left side.  That is the true miracle of the story.

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