Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tooth Update.

So I went in and had my tooth ground down to a nub and a temporary crown put on.  In the process my tongue got in the way.  As the dentist drilled and drilled, he came to a sudden stop and said "Oh". Then he pulled everything out of my mouth and sighed heavily as he sat back.  Then he told me what happened.  He was using the mirror to hold my tongue out of the way and, well, my tongue got in the way.  The drill got my tongue. 

He said I'd feel it tonight. 

I'm feeling it.  There is a chunk taken out of the side of my poor tongue. 

I can't talk without hurting. 

Then there's the fact that he drilled my tooth down to a nub and had to drill my gum down for the crown to go on and meet the back of my gums.  Because this it tooth #18.  It's the last tooth on the left side. 

So if I don't talk to you for a while, don't take it personally. 

My tongue is missing a chunk. 

It needs to heal.


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