Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Every Day Is A Spa Day... For My Toes!

Last Monday was the day.  The carpet guy came to our house!  He laid all the pad in the basement.
Red... Pretty!
I thought about leaving the pretty red forever.  But I was overruled.
Tuesday the carpet guy brought his grandson to help.  Here is half the basement with carpet ready to be permanent.  It smelled so good.
The grandson ripped out the living room carpet first thing Tuesday and put the new carpet in. 
Isn't it yummy?!
Tuesday night was our big move the furniture day.  Our bedroom ended up in the living room.  We even have our headboard.
Have you ever slept in your living room on your own bed with your headboard? 
It's weird. Trust me!
Much of the stuff from our room that didn't fit in the living room or bathroom, was put in the family room.  Ruthie's stuff was in the family room, too.  We lived in crowded confusion for a night and a day.
Wednesday the old and nasty and yucky and rotten and gross and and and carpet was ripped out.  15 years in the waiting.  The pad was gross and falling apart underneath it.
But Thursday morning and every day there after, we put our house back together.  The basement is a large playroom and we got out some game shelves and book shelves and a table for game playing.
Sam's blue room was a room taking shape.  He was so excited to finally have his own space to do whatever he wants.
Isaac's green room has been in set up mode for months.  He has posters on the walls and being able to put a real bed in was super exciting.
I have a living room.  Did you hear me??  I have a living room.  We still need a couch, a table, a floor lamp and to put the pictures on the walls, but that will come soon enough.  15 years has given me the patience of Job.  Well, not really, but close. 
We will be working on the boys' old room's walls and painting them for Ruthie to move in there.  Then I'll re-do her room and have an office/craft/sewing room!! Can I get a Hip Hip Hooray!
And can I just share how much I love love love my new carpet?  It's like a spa day for my toes.  Everyday!  It's like walking on butter.  Yummy butter.  Come on over and give your toes a spa day.  They'll love you forever.

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Kristi said...

I'm a little jealous, our carpet is a pretty light brown the only problem is that 10 years ago it was a pretty cream color (GROSS).