Monday, February 24, 2014

Hair Faux Pas

This morning I was getting my hair done.  I sprayed the GEL into my hair.  You know, that little, clear bottle of hair GEL.  As I dried my hair, it was sticky and hard to brush through.  Good Gravy!  I was ready to go buy a new product.  Dumb GEL.
After running the straightener through my sticky icky hair, I reached for the hairspray.  You know, the taller, can't see through it bottle.  DUH!!  It was the same bottle I'd sprayed the GEL from.  Oh my sweet hair dumbbell moment.  I sprayed HAIRSPRAY in my wet hair instead of GEL! 
I think this hair-brained moment should take care of any further faux pas in my immediate future.
And my hair is like sticky cement today. 

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