Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Very Long Post.

I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. I have a double cold sore on my lip and my nose is runny and wiping it has turned it red. I cried so much on Sunday that my eyes are still puffy. And now I can't upload any pictures. I believe I had trouble when it came to putting pictures of Isaac's baptism up. Now it's Sam's turn. But even without pictures, I suppose it's time to blog again. I will have to stop to blow my nose, though. I'm sick.

The last 2 weeks have been busy and full. Oh, and emotional. I knew what was coming...field trips, cub scouts, preparing taco meat, my sister's wedding, Sam's baptism and being released from Primary. So I think I'll go back and just....share.

I started booking things for last week knowing full well that I had a baptism lunch to prepare. Taco meat. Taco chicken. Salsa. Bowls to put stuff into that would be pretty. Oh, and Sam asked me to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. So I found myself getting as much meat/chicken done in between field trips and cub scouts and preparing for a Mother's Day sharing time. I also knew that my time in Primary was going to come to an end.

Then the phone call came. Will you and Daniel come in to see the Bishop tonight? Yes. I had mixed feelings. It was official. I would be done this coming Sunday. Mother's Day. With a sharing time for moms. With a baptism on Saturday. My last baptism. Did you know that Isaac was my first baptism in this calling? Yep. And Sam's my last. I cried as the Bishop and Ken (my priesthood advisor) told me what a wonderful job I'd done. I expressed that this was by far my most favorite calling! It was challenging and rewarding. I love the kids! I would miss it. It's time for someone new.

I cried every night. I would realize what I would miss then get teary then cry. Then I would think about going to church and not sweating! That makes me happy. I took Sam in for his baptism interview. He was wiggly and answered all the Bishop's questions. I was proud of him. Daniel joined us half way through. He had left work early so he could be there. It was a nice moment for us to be with Sam as he assured the Bishop that he is ready.

I cleaned the house. I cooked. I purchased food. I asked my sister to bring the guacamole to take extra pressure off. I bought a new dress. I realized that I really don't have to actually buy flats now because my feet have been hammered by wearing heels every Sunday while running. I'm prideful like that. I must wear heels. But I still may get some cute flats just to wear. Because I can. And because I'm prideful like that.

Saturday came to us sunshiny and beautiful! Just perfect. Sam was so excited. This was his big day. He would be following Jesus' perfect example and be baptized by his dad. He wanted both grandpas to be witnesses and asked if my grandma, Meme, would give the closing prayer. He fit into his new suit and looked so dapper. He was baptized and confirmed a member of the church. He glowed just a little. He was a perfect little boy right then. Just like when he was born. Not that he isn't perfect any other time. But he is a boy after all!

After the baptism family members came over for lunch. All the food prep was noticed and enjoyed. YAY!! A taco bar is the best thing on a Saturday afternoon with family. Sam got new scriptures from Grandma and Grandpa and a new, very cool, scripture bag from Abbie and Poppy. After everyone left, Sam wanted to go to 7-11. So we went. And then we had cereal and tacos for dinner. We just enjoyed our evening together.

Sunday morning brought breakfast for mom. Dad prepared the night before for a big deal. It was worth it! The kids all gave me their gifts they made. They were all so excited about what they had made. Especially for me. I love being their mom. I have amazing kids!

I went to church feeling...sad...happy...anxious...stressed...excited...ready. As I was being released, I started to cry. I could feel the mantel being lifted. I raised my hand high in support of our new Primary President. Wow. What an amazing new presidency. The kids will be blessed. I cried through the beginning of Jr Primary. If I hadn't put so much work into my sharing time for their moms, I would have just told them how much I love them and left the room. It was a difficult day. But those kids are amazing. Many came and gave me a hug. Many teachers hugged and said wonderful things to me. Daniel came up the hall at one moment and just hugged me as I cried. Primary is the best place in the world. I will miss it. This has been an amazing position to be in. I wish Jen and her new presidency much luck and happiness as they serve those kids!

And from there we are here. Less stressed. Crying at odd moments. Realizing how blessed I was and how blessed I just am! In 4 weeks I'll be on a cruise ship. You know how people who don't really understand how infertility works say "Just relax, you'll get pregnant"? Well I now can relax. And then be alone with my man on a cruise ship. Maybe I'll get pr...wait...Maybe I will get that phone call. Or maybe not. But I can't wait to just enjoy my kids, my husband, my new calling, my life. Hold it. I already am!

And thanks, Kim, for the Coldblaster you brought. Between that and the Tylenol Cold, I'm feeling pretty good!

Now if I could just get rid of the cold sores!


Laurie M. said...

Wow you have had a busy week! I haven't been in Primary for a few years now and I miss it! It is the best place to be! Your taco bar was delicious and I wish I would be there to help you eat the leftovers!

Crissy said...

And I thought I was busy! Hope you can relax a little now and get better. If you need anything, let me know!

Emilie said...

Congrats on fulfilling your calling and enduring till the release! Thanks for coming to the wedding. You looked fabulous in your new dress! I hope you get THAT phone call as you relax on the cruise ship...

Jen said...

What a week, huh? I'm sorry that you aren't feeling so hot right now. If it helps any... I didn't even notice anything but your beauty on Monday. Seriously.

Hope you feel better soon!

Oh, by the way... I did get your e-mail the other day. Thank you.

TMC said...

You are one amazing woman! Thank you for letting me have the honor of working with you for almost 2 years. You looked absolutely radiant on Sunday, but who am I kidding, you always do.

As far as the cold sores, I poke them several times with a sterile needle and keep putting hydrogen peroxide on it. I do that about 5 times a day and that works better than any OTC product I've used. If you can I'd get a prescription for Valtrex, it clears them up super quick!

Single Women Adopting Children said...

Wow! Quite an emotional post! I am sure you were excellent in your calling...that's just you....excellent mom, wife, cook, organizer, etc. so I know you were nothing but the best!

I think you have a new calling after the cruise......the calling of being a new mom of James or Mary..Just my prediction but hey....I think it will happen!

Single Women Adopting Children said...

Oh- forgot to add- amazing friend:)

Kim said...

I'm sorry that you've been sick! The stress of that must have caught up to you finally. I cried when you talked about Primary. We still have a little while left and I'm already sad about the upcoming change! Great job being super-mom!! I'm glad you get to go on a trip with your hubby. What a nice break.