Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Day In The Life.

Monday...Took the kiddos to get summer shoes. Sam picked out these sandles and put them right on his little tootsies. He then found the nearest trash can in the store and put his nasty boots in. He actually threw away the boots! Good thing, too. They were falling apart.
Tuesday...I forgot the order of my pictures and so these are not day specific. But at least I did it, right?! Ruthie's kindergarten program. All the kids sang and had parts and were so cute. Ruthie sang her heart out! I can't believe she'll be in first grade!
I had lunch with my friend Kim. We talked and talked and ate. Thanks Kim!
Wednesday...This is actually what happened on Wednesday. Went to Ruthie's kindergarten program. She got out early. Went to get a treat with my girl. Got the boys. No Webelos. We all went to piano lessons. Went to get new summer shoes for the kids. Sam threw his old boots away! Told the kids that if they were great and awesome, I would get them a treat. They were great and awesome and chose 7-11. Went into 7-11. Picked treats. Mostly. Sam was still choosing. Gave car keys to Isaac so he and Ruthie could get in the car and wait. Sam brought his treat to me. Isaac AND Ruthie came back into the store. Ruthie said she locked the car. With the keys inside.
Sam said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to help us choose the right thing to do. We discussed breaking a window. Walking home...No keys, remember? Can't get into the house. No phone, can't call anyone.
Wait!! We're at 7-11.
Went into the store and got a phone book. Called the only listing for a locksmith who will save in the city. 7-11 phone doesn't have a dial tone. The really nice gal let me use her cell. This is how he answered the phone..."Are you locked out? This is Steve." I said "hi Steve, yes I'm locked out. Can you help me?!" He said he'd be there in an hour. We waited outside and watched for a white Caddilac. We ate our treats. Got a Slurpee. Threw rocks. Collected rocks. Talked to one of the 7-11 gals. Used the bathroom. Then our piano teacher drove up! She saw us. Wanted to help. But then Steve got there!
He unlocked the door. I payed him. We went home!
I ordered Pizza for dinner. I felt we deserved it.
Friend and freezer fixer, Lance, came over to analyze why the freezer doesn't work. Blockage. 10 year warranty. Happy dance. Parts ordered.
Thursday...Field day at school. This is a last day of school picture and you can still see some of the face paint on the boys. Pack meeting in the rain in our backyard. They launched bottle rockets! So fun!
Friday...Last day of school! Hip hip hooray! We went to the family ranch for a family reunion. We were only staying one night. Bummer! We got the big trailer and this is Sam on one of the bunk beds.
Saturday...Not much sleep. I stayed in bed until after 11 am. Isaac got just a couple hours of sleep. Sam crashed on a 4-wheeler. Ouch! We got home, showered, jammied, laundry, bed. Ruthie's glasses are now 2 separate entities. And unwearable. At least she isn't totally blind!
Sunday...Daniel and I both subbed in Primary. Baked potatoes for dinner. We watched River Monsters on the animal channel. Giant stingrays. The last one he caught had babies while they were taking pictures. The kids thought it was so cool.
Isaac's lightening from field day!
Have a great week!


Kristi said...

Cute pictures, Sad about Ruthie's glasses, do you want to try gorilla glue.? This is the coolest stuff ever, I fixed Lily's one cute pair of sandles with it. I'm not sure if it would be seamless enough for glasses though. . .

Jennie said...

If you look really closely where they broke, you'll see they were twisted before they were snapped. She was mad. We have a year warranty and they are putting the lenses in new frames for free. Or just $9. Walmart.

Single Women Adopting Children said...

Love all the photos- updates....even if they are not in order.

We had a sort of similar week last week. In one day, got rear ended,then Mila fell/scraped her nose which didn't look too bad until the next day.....she looked like she had a disease, then got pooped on by a bird during a walk on the same day!

The things we'll tell our grandchildren about- right?

Crissy said...

Great pictures! I am sorry to hear about the glasses. That's a bummer!

Kim said...

We LOVE watching River Monsters! That stinks that Ruthie's glasses broke - her hair is so cute!

Oh the feeling of being locked out of the car! Terrible! Glad the guy was so helpful and glad your freezer will be fixed soon!