Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Little Splash of Blue And An Update.

So here is my kitchen with the painting all finished.  I still need window treatments and new towels.  Yellow!  I will now proceed to tell you what we've been up to lately that is causing me to not blog so much.  Isaac has been taking merit badge classes for Scouts.  He will be done with the last 3 on Friday.  He's very happy about that. 

Ruthann was able to go to a kid's camp for gifted children.  I saw some of those children, I think they are all just regular kids.  She had fun with art, science and photography.  She is finished with that and began an art class with a gal in our ward. 
Sam is at day camp today.  Lucky guy.  I was just there last week with my cubs and so I'm glad Daniel went with Sam today.  Sam is the one who chose our kitchen paint colors.  Isn't he a fantastic guy?  He also helped me paint.
We will go to a few of the summer movies, especially now that camps are over.  And we will continue to go to Lagoon.  Only 9 weeks until school begins again.  I found this rug at Kohl's and need to go get another one.  Cute, huh?!  Today we are going to have lunch with our friends from Georgia.  We traveled to China together to get our daughters.  This will be the first time we've seen them since then.
We put the pool up.  Finally!  So the kids have spent some time out there.  Next Monday we begin training goats and kids for the goat show in the county fair.  And in less than a week Isaac will get his braces off!  Our summer is fun!  How's yours?

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