Friday, November 2, 2012

Catching Up Again.

Remember when I said I killed the last fly?  Um.  Never mind.  I wish a cold snap would come and just stay.  It's November for pete's sake.  And I'm not even gonna capitalize that pete.  I still don't know who he is or why we are concerned for his sake. 

So if November is here, must mean October is gone.  And I need to catch up.  On Halloween.  How was yours?  Ours was fun.  We had 2 jack o lantern pizzas from Papa Murph's.   
We do homemade costumes.  Have you seen the prices of costumes?  We have done store bought in the past,  but homemade and ingenuity are far more fun.  Ruthie was a Gypsy.  She didn't have her crystal ball for the picture, but she carried it around with her.  She had loads of fun and loads of candy.
Sam was not committing to anything costume-wise.  He was just gonna go as a person.  When he got home from school Wednesday he said he wanted to be a pumpkin head.  So we cut open the biggest pumpkin we had and cleaned it out and put it on his noggin.  He almost fell over 'cause it was so heavy.  So rather than be spine squashed and not able to stand, he copied his brother's idea.  He found a box and used the rest of the spray paint and we cut out the eyes and he became a creeper.  It's a Mine Craft thing.  You can tell who plays Mine Craft as kids yell out "It's a creeper!" with much enthusiasm. 
Isaac is the original creeper of the night.  He has been planning the outfit for weeks.  Weeks I tell ya.  He stole the box while we were loading up the storage unit.  Now we have to go get another one.  The green spray paint is what had me in Walmart earlier in the week when I met the sweet swearing old lady.  Isaac met up with some friends and apparently got some good houses.  Apparently full size candy bars means you're rich.  Guess where he'll hang out next year?  He got home late and had a haul.
So now November is officially here and that means....  It's Ruthie's month.  This gal will be 9 on Monday and so tonight we went to Jade Buffet for dinner.  Tomorrow she will have some friends over for a little party and Monday, the big day, we will take treats to Goat Club.  Isn't that where you want to spend your birthday?  If there's cake?  Why not?
Ruthie ate some octopus and my boys are creeps.  I mean creepers.  I'm gonna go kill some more flies. For the last time.

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