Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Are you tired, rundown, listless?  Do you pop out at parties?  Are you unpoopular?
And if you don't know where that Lucy Vitameatavegamin quote comes from..
Are ya livin' in a cave??
Just kidding.
On a more serious note, I have been feeling all of those things.  Okay, most of them.  I don't pop out at parties.  At least not that I know of.  And unpoopular? C'mon.  Not me!
I have been dragging for months.  Months I tell ya.  I just figured it was because school began and I was beginning each day super duper earlier than I like to and then all the PTA stuff and running and running and running until I would just collapse at the end of the day.  And then if I had time in the middle of the day, I'd collapse and be gone.  Gone!
So I went to my usual 3 month appointment with my Diabetes doctor, well, okay, she's really a nurse practitioner, but she takes good care of me and my Diabetes.  And we're doing fine thanks.  She always feels my throat and around my thyroid.  I have to swallow when she does.  Every 6 months I have blood drawn and they do yearly checks of various and sundry things.  Like my heart, kidneys, thyroid, cholesterol, etc.  I really don't know what else.  But I always look good.  Um, my blood work always looks good.  No complaints from the phlebotomists. 
But this last time I got the call back from the doctors office and the gal said that my thyroid levels were low and to come back in 4 weeks to have it checked again.  "Is that why I'm so tired?" I asked.  "Uh, yeah" she answered back.  So I put it on my calendar.  4 weeks isn't until next week.  But I have been getting worse and worse as each day passes.  So yesterday I called and talked to her assistant and told her I am lambasted.  My legs and back ache and my joints hurt and I think I'm sporting a slightly enlarged thyroid.  Can you say goiter?  She said to come in today and get blood work done and there is a chance they'd have results back by the end  of the day.  This is their last day in the office this week.  So I went in this morning and got lots of vials of blood drawn and just heard back from the assistant.
I have hypothyroidism.  I could'a  told you that.  So I start synthroid tomorrow morning and go back at the first of the year to check it again. 
No more listlessness here.  No more popping out at parties, or anywhere else! I hope to be back on my feet and getting things done soon.  Like clean the house.  And make dinner. My kids are starving. Yay for modern medicine!

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Laurie said...

Welcome to the Hypothyroid club! So glad you got it diagnosed and medicated. You will be amazed at how much better you feel when the medication gets going. Hope you feel better quick!