Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Tour.

I was down painting Sam's room this morning and realized I haven't done an update on the basement in a while.  So here it is...
When you first get down there and turn the corner, this is what you see.  I put a beige on the wall. The table and chairs is from when my family came for dinner last Sunday. 
Then you walk into the main family room area.  I was calling this color cinnamon.  But it's really more a cinnamon-y terra cotta color.  I like it.  The door to outside is also this color.  You may notice the air mattress on the floor.  The boys have taken to sleeping down there on the weekend.
Then you go to the hallway.  It's that same beige. 
Let's turn left to the bathroom.  Daniel has gotten the floor and wall tile up.  Isn't it nice?  He's working on the tub tile now.  Then we'll get grout and then we'll buy a vanity and paint and get the water hooked up!
Then let's go across the hall to the spare room.  I painted it a color I thought would be neutral and nice.  I hate it.  I absolutely hate it.  I made some curtains that I love.  We began moving items from the storage unit back in.  This is our storage room.  Ugly color that it is.
Then across the hall again to Isaac's room.  Still no paint.  But some toys and stuff.  I will paint his room next.  Think green.
And lastly, down the hall to Sam's room.  I painted as much as I could go with the paint I poured into the paint pan.  I got pretty far.  Saturday I'll finish and his room will be done.  But Wait!
He has one small wall that sticks out.  He wanted it dark blue with some white circles on it.  So it's dark blue and then the circles will go up last.
Aahhh.  I feel much better now that that's done. 
On another note.  Did you watch Downton Abbey Sunday?  Are you as apathetic now about the whole shebang as I am?  Highly disappointing.  At least he left the estate in good shape and a male heir.  Die scum.  Go on to Broadway and leave Mary all alone to raise the child and not have a soul in the world know what a nice woman she really is.
Aaahhh.  Much much better.

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Jennifer B. said...

I thought of you instantly after watching it. I didn't like the ending either but the directors didn't ask my opinion. It just takes too long from one season being released to the next.