Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me.

So here it is.  My day.  Today...

6:30-8:15 Get kids fed, dressed and ready to go. Blog. Eat breakfast.
8:30 Get kids to school, get home, take shower and do hair.  No make up.  It's lash day.
9:30 Marsha the eyebrow lady comes to set up.
10:00 Eyebrow/lash appointments begin.  Yay.
12:00 May be done with eyebrows.  But we may go to 12:30.  For Barb. Put make up on. Trust me.
1:00 Get to church to set up tables and chairs and decorate for Blue and Gold tonight.
2:00 Leave church and run home to gather Chinese New Year stuff. Head to school.
2:30 Be in Sam's class ready for Chinese New Year presentation. Give presentation.
3:15 Grab kids from school and race home. But slowly and safely.
3:40 Be back at school for PTA meeting.  Take notes at meeting.
5:00 Head home and make sure some kind of homework is being done. Change into lovely yellow uniform
5:30 Be at church to get food ready for Blue and Gold.
6:30 Blue and Gold Banquet.  Will it be our last?  Hoping to know what the BSA vote is, yet it may not happen until Wednesday. When it's all said and done, clean the place up.
8:00 Pick up on homework while Daniel goes to his High Council meeting.  Send kids to bed.
Eventually Go to bed, exhausted, depleted.  Oh and go to the bathroom.  Haven't done that yet.

I will just have to wait until next year to celebrate my birthday.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! Happy Birthday! - Katie