Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Birthday Review.

Isaac is a teenager.  And this is how a teenager spends his birthday.  First, on Thursday night, birthday eve, we went to the jr high to see the play his good friend Craig was in. 
Friday I asked Isaac if turning 13 was going to be a lucky year or an unlucky year.  He said after last year's birthday, anything would be luckier.  But he also said he's not superstitious.  Okey dokey.
Turning 13 only gets you 2 gifts from mom and dad. 
But worth the 2 bags.  He got a tablet.  He also got a programming book. I get the tablet, I don't get the book.  Look at the smile
After the gifts we went to dinner at Applebee's.  Then, stuffed to the gills, we went bowling.  Isaac just wanted to do something as a family.  I'll take it!  Look at that form!
Sam doing the granny throw.  He was a gutter champ!
And look at this cute form.  Ruthie was a gutter queen.  Until the second game!
During school Isaac texted me and said "BEST birthday ever".  When I asked why, he said, "Mr H sang to me in class"  That's his math teacher.  He got out his guitar and sang his own birthday song.
I love teachers like that.  Now if you were wondering where Isaac got his form...
Then it was back to home and CAKE!  We still have some.  Come on over and we'll share.
Isaac had a totally awesome birthday!  He's so glad to be a teenager.  Now he can say things like "It's a teenager thing" or "It's because I'm going through puberty" or "I need to sleep, I'm a teenager" and, of course, "I can be cranky, I'm 13".  I like to throw out "Hey, be nice or I'll squish the hormones out of you!", but he doesn't think it's that funny.

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