Saturday, March 30, 2013

What A Week!

It's Saturday.  Our Spring Break is coming to a close.  It's beautiful outside.  Tomorrow is Easter.
We've had a seriously busy week.  Last Saturday Daniel's car engine bit the dust.  It's gone.  He had a guy looking for an engine, but to no avail.  We are in the process of finding another car.  Little, cheap, quick.
We blew eggs on Monday and then colored them.
I love the egg blowing rather than boiling.  Less stink.
We got some clay and made some pretty cool stuff.
My fruit basket.  So life-like you wanna eat it, right?
A dog.
We also had a day of making stuff out of these weird things called nuudles.  Yes.  Weird.
 But loads of fun.  We also went to the zoo.  But it was so crowded we left and went to the Museum of Natural History instead.  Good times.
Kids played outside in the absolutely gorgeous weather. 
We visited grandma and grandpa, got our teeth cleaned, I was set apart as a ward missionary, I went to my last Wolf Den Meeting, we had many late nights and had a most wonderful time.  We also have been doing our Easter week lessons about the things Jesus did each day before the Resurrection.  Boy are we grateful for Him.  Happy Easter and enjoy the beauty of Spring!  

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