Sunday, April 28, 2013

In Memorium.

It was a bright and beautiful Sabbath morning, just like today, 11 years ago.  April 28, 2002.  My Sammy was just 16 days old.  He had been out of the NICU for just a week and we had oxygen delivered to our house for him.  I was still recovering from a C-Section.  Isaac was 2.  He was cute as could be.  Life was good.  We were healthy and happy.  And the day was beautiful!

We were awakened around 8 am by a ringing phone.  It was my dad.  He said he had distressing news.  Aaron was missing.  He hadn't come home the night before after hanging out with friends.  My dad had been out all night looking for him.  He was 17.  The police don't consider it a priority to look for a missing 17 year old boy.  My dad was asking for help to look.

We got in the car and drove down.  We passed the emergency vehicles on the side of the road, next to the ravine, as we got closer to my parents' house.  I knew they were there for Aaron.  We got to my parents' house as my dad was leaving and told him to go see if it was Aaron.  It was.

The rest is history.  Our family history.  Aaron returned to his Heavenly Father earlier that morning.  We miss him.   We KNOW we will see him again.  We KNOW that families are eternal.  We KNOW we will be resurrected.  We KNOW we can live with Heavenly Father again.  We KNOW Aaron is where he needs to be.  And today is a beautiful day!

Aaron, we love you, we miss you.  Come back soon!

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