Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just A Little Trip.

 My Grandma just turned 100!  Can you believe it?  Think of all the things she's seen in the past 100 years.  Depression, War, Inventions, Big Bands, Elvis, Beatles, Michael Jackson, Bieber. She watched her "show", Guiding Light from the very beginning, when it was on the radio in 1952, to when the final episode aired in 2009. 
So we decided to make a trip out of it.  We got in the car last Friday morning and drove over 800 miles to the California coast.  Our hotel room got upgraded.  We didn't complain.  Ruthie and dad just chillin' on the couch.
 Isaac and Sam shared the second bedroom.  And they thoroughly enjoyed having their own TV and bathroom.
We even had a kitchen.  I wish I had brought microwave popcorn.  We even had a dishwasher.  On to the party. 
On Saturday we went swimming, got dressed, ate lunch, then headed to the church for the party.  I got to see cousins who I haven't seen in years.  Here is our family with Great Grandma Nunes.
Singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles.  Grandma has lived in the same house since the 1940's.  My Grandpa died in 1992, right before his 92nd birthday.  We Nunes' believe in long life.  My dad will be around a while. 
That evening we all (my parents and all my siblings and families) went to the AT&T park in San Francisco to see the Giants play.  Look at that view!
The night was beautiful and slightly brisk.  Perfect for a baseball game.
We got the first row.  A couple of my sisters and their kids are behind us.
We aren't big baseball fans.  Although I was raised on the Giants and 49ers.  But it was so fun to be there with Abbie and Poppy and cousins and stuff.  That's right, my siblings are the "stuff".  I was there for the garlic fries.  Oh Baby!
Guess who loved them too?? She should be in commercials.  Ruthie sat next to my two brothers, who are gigantic Giants fans.  Their wives and boys were at home.  Too fast a trip for babies.  Ruthie kept saying she was so glad I wasn't like my brothers, who were yelling and making a raucous during the 7th inning stretch and when we all sang Sweet Caroline in support of Boston.  I pointed out that I was singing loudly too.  And I knew all the words to Sweet Caroline and wasn't holding back! It's my job to embarrass.
Sam was bundled in his hoodie, dad's jacket, a blanket and snow hat and gloves.  He wouldn't eat the garlic fries.  More for us.  He was shivering the whole time.  But.. he still had fun.
Isaac and dad had fun together.  They watched the boats in the harbor and enjoyed the game.  Isaac was next to another of my sisters who had her baby.  Isaac loved when cousin Washington would look at him and try to grab him.  He was embarrassed by his dad at this moment.
And here is the proof that I was there and having a ball.  The game went only 2 hours and 20 minutes.  Fast!!
We drove home Sunday and are still recovering.  What a fun and exciting trip.  We are so glad we got to go out and see Great Grandma Nunes and go to a baseball game with Abbie and Poppy. 
Happy 100 years Grandma!  We love you and are so glad we got to see you!

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