Friday, April 12, 2013

You Say It's Your Birthday!

 It's Sam's birthday.  He's 11 and feeling good. 
We began with a trip to Abbie and Poppy's for Easter and birthday fun.  This is Sam with his birthday chocolate and moolah from Abbie and Poppy.
At home, he had to wait for dad to get home to open gifts.  He got his very own box of Swiss Rolls. 
He got lots of Godzilla stuff.  He was Samzilla in another life.  He wants to serve his mission in Japan.  Go figure!
And... he got his ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  Aahhh.  Look at that face.  He was so excited.
Grandma and grandpa took Sam and the other kids to the dollar store where they could each buy 10 items for their birthdays.  Sam was on a roll and got 10 super fun things.  So did the other kids.  We had his birthday dinner at Burrito Grande where he got to wear the giant sombrero.  Cool.
Sam, we love you and are so glad you belong to us.  Super Silly Sam.  Samzilla.  Samalicious.  Sammy Sam.  Sammers.  Samuel Lawrence.  Samuel L Jackson, etc, etc, etc.  Happy birthday!

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