Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Demolition Derby Fun!

Saturday night we got to go participate in one of our family's favorites. 
Demolition Derby.
So just what is it about a demolition derby that sucks us in? 
I gave it some thought as I sat in the arena.
This is what I came up with...
We always begin with the National Anthem.  I love when everyone stands, removes hats, puts hands on hearts, looks up to the flag and quiets down.  And then we listen.  Then we cheer.
I love the patriotism!
Of course we love the demolition itself. 
The crashes. 
The smoke. 
The fires. 
The exhaust. 
The fun!
We love the crowds.  Now I will point out some of the crowd negatives, too, but right now, we love the crowds all there to watch and yell and scream!
We love the treats.  Licorice, soda, kettle corn. Yum.
We love when the car comes up right to us.  We were on the second row and this lovely green "mini" came right up to say hi. 
Speaking of second row, did you see all that rain Friday night and Saturday?  Hello!  There was mud squished up the sides of the arena and blocked from running back into the middle by those barricades.  But when the cars came screaming by.. the mud came and got us.  This is just the first round.  When we got home I found dirt clods in my treat bag, down my shirt, and the next morning, in my bed. It must have been in my hair.
Okay.  Here was an annoyance.  I hadn't actually seen these until the derby.  They are those water vapor smoker things.  Harmless. ?  When you have every adult in the row in front of you blowing thick water vapor out of their mouths and noses during a spectacular event, it's not so harmless.  Yuck.  The people using them reminded me of that caterpillar sitting on the mushroom smoking opium.  You know the one.  At one point Ruthie jumped up and began leaving and said "I have to get the freak out of here because of all the smoke!"  We talked her into staying.
The other bug was the beer.  Now I understand that there are people who can't seem to enjoy crashing cars without alcohol.  But the wickedest part of the evening was the little family in front of us, including a mom, a dad and 2 young girls, smoking those water vapor things and drinking beer.  We counted a total of 9 bottles of beer shared between the two adults.  My question is.. who is going to drive those two little girls home???
The best-est part of the night are the people who came with us...
Dad, Ruthie and Isaac
Sam, mom and Isaac
We got dirty, we got home late and we got derby-ed out!

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