Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reunion Weekend.

But First!! 
I graduated from high school many many many years ago.  Ok.  24 years ago.  Almost a quarter century ago.  I guess in the scheme of things it's not really that long ago.  Anyhoo, I went to high school for 3 years in California.  Then we moved to Utah right before my senior year.  Who planned that?!  I graduated from Alta in 1989.  I never ever ever got a reunion notice for either school.  I spent 3 years at one, but didn't graduate from it, then graduated from one that I was only in for 1 lousy year.  So I didn't expect much.  Last week I got this.  It's a postcard from Alta asking for my information so they can put me in the Alumni book. 
Um.  No thanks.
Last Friday was my kids' last day of school.  Yay!  After school we got packed up and headed to our family reunion.  Each year we go up to the Ranch in Idaho and spend Memorial weekend together. 
This is the view from our tent door.  We invested in a new tent that will hold heat better at night when we're cold.  We use a heater. 

THIS is the view from the other end of the tent.  I spent Saturday morning sitting in that blue chair with these windows open just sitting and looking.  It's so pretty.
Here's the tent.  This is out of order but I don't want to move it. Do you believe me now?  So so pretty!
Here is what I was doing while sitting and looking on Saturday morning.  I was editing.  And I think I edited well.  I sent in my submission to the Ensign magazine when we got home.  I'll let you know if I hear anything!
Sam in the car so we can go for a drive.  Sunday after church we went to Malad to the 2 cemeteries where we have family buried.  Grandpa told us stories and tales.  It was so fun to hear them and spend time together.  And it was also nice to get cell service to catch up on some texts ;)
There is a very thick and long rope hanging in the garage part of the building.  The kids spent hours swinging.
Saturday morning was the Almosta-thon.  Almosta is a name for the Ranch.  It's Almost-a-ranch.  Get it?  All the people who ran in the Almosta-thon got a t-shirt.  It says Almosta-Thon  23.6 miles of mud and glory.  Ruthie and Sam each got one.  Isaac didn't run and Daniel has a hurt heel and my back was killing me.  Plus, I had some editing to do.  That, and I really don't find any enjoyment in running.  Or sweating. Absolutely no enjoyment whatsoever!  Not even for a cool t-shirt.
Sunday afternoon we had a huge yellow scary smiley face pinata.  Here's Sam taking a swing.  Hi aunt Jennifer!
Isaac took a swing.  A couple of cousins later it looked like...
Then one great swipe with the stick and it fell to the ground.  All the kids and many adults grabbed candy.  There was tons!  Hear me?  ToNs! of candy.
We spent Sunday evening sharing missionary stories.  Our family has a rich missionary heritage.  Not just the full time kind, though there are many who have served full time, but in everyday experiences.  Monday morning we played, rode 4 wheelers and packed for home.  We had a terrific time with family and came home exhausted and with many fun memories!
Thanks aunt Jennifer and uncle Bryan for planning a fun fun weekend.

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