Wednesday, May 15, 2013


At a Robotics 4-H night, the lead 4-H gal said there were boxes of thousands of these wood pieces.  She suggested we all take some.  So...  I did
Here are the pieces I took.  Lots of squares and some large and small rectangles.
So what does one do with all these wood pieces??
Here's what I did.  I bought some paint, some sponge brushes and some mod podge. 
Then I got some nice paper and printed "Pray for Opportunity then Listen".
I painted several square pieces with some paint.  Except for the middle.  Didn't want to waste the paint!
Then I mod podged the paper onto the wood.  Here is the finished product.
And here's the purpose. 
I am a ward missionary.  I'm not excited about it at all! In the handbook it says the ward missionaries should go into the members' homes and invite them to have a missionary experience.  So Christine, my companion, and I decided to pray each month for active families in the ward to visit and invite.  We invite them to pray for a missionary opportunity.  Then we invite them to listen to the promptings of the spirit.  Then we give them this little reminder.
Aren't we awesome?!  Seriously~ I love this calling.  We are visiting active members and less active members. We are also doing new member discussions.  We have only 18 months in this calling and I hope to make each moment count. 
If you are in my ward and would like a visit, please let me know.  We would love to come!

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