Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Something To Blog About.

Just before we left for our camping trip last Friday, Daniel went to grab something from the basement and found a broken light bulb. And not just any light bulb. Those bulbs that are supposed to be so much better for energy stuff. But are toxic if broken. It was broken. And all over the basement. I won't go into detail about how it happened, but these little thangs were involved. So there was an extensive discussion about the toxicity of the basement. They aren't allowed down there. On Tuesday, I found these thangs with their sweatshirts, a rag to go over their faces and gloves/grocery bags on their hands. They were cleaning it up. Such sweethearts.
If only they would get the rest of the basement cleaned up. Maybe we could start getting it finished!


Jen said...

Love the hazmat suits!

Kim said...

I didn't know that those are toxic! That's sweet that they wanted to clean it up.