Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Joy In The Stable.

I inherited this wonderful Nativity a few years ago from my mom. It could go outside on the porch, but I love having it in the play room next to the Christmas tree. This Nativity is sturdy and only once have we had to glue a Magi gift back on a hand. My kids have been known to lay down in front of the Nativity to play with it. I have heard wars, horse stories, a baby screaming, a wise man scolding and so much more. But when they know I won't come in to intrude, I see them playing out that first Christmas night.
This is the set up from the last "play" with the Nativity.
A little Christmas added to the stable. And apparently it was raining. So all the people and animals are inside.
Next to the palm tree you can find a poinsettia flower.
Right behind the shepherd, a snowman can be found.
And then there is the holly. My kids think it's mistletoe. So it's hanging from the ceiling inside the stable. Over Mary and Joseph. Hee hee.
But what I love and what brings the most Joy is that all the wise men, the shepherd, the ox, the mule, the sheep and Mary and Joseph are all surrounding and facing baby Jesus.
And isn't that what it's all about?!
If you haven't put Christ in the center of your Christmas, it's time.

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Kim said...

Oh how wonderful!! What an awesome thing for the kids to be able to play with.