Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Last Picture.

From the Drat files:
Last night we were preparing for another family movie night. All was going well. We decided to make the Jiffy Pop we got at the family Christmas party the night before.
Getting the Pop stuff ready to go...
Then. The burner was preheated and the Jiffy Pop was set down.
So far, all is well.
It begins to pop and grow.
So exciting!!
Please don't focus too long on the grime around the burner. It may cause problems for you.
It gets really big and the pops are coming fast.
We can't wait!
And then the camera fell on to the floor.
I picked it up.
The lens was busted.
The camera is no more.
I don't know why these stupid things keep happening to me.
But I'm sick and tired of it.
And somebody better do something about it.


Crissy said...

Oh man!! How sad for your camera! Hope you can get it fixed or find another one for a great deal? I am not sure how to function without mine. That popcorn sounds so good though.

Kim said...

So SAD about your camera!! I bet the kiddos had fun watching that Jiffy pop. Jacob loves watching the popcorn pop in a pan on the stove. Good stuff!