Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Joy In Many Ways.

First of all.....
Joy in the form of the most fun and the most interesting and most cold (it was freezing!) and most donut amped Joy producing people in my life.
The sugar coated Joy.
Every year before Christmas my mom does Abbie's Christmas Cookie Party.
Because of busy December Sunday evenings, each family was given a take home cookie party.
It starts with icing and candy.
You add an Isaac.
A Samuel.
A Ruthann.
And a silly dad.
And you get lots of sugar coated Joy.
For Christmas this year I am making quilts for the kids. I got tons of the black with white dot squares and then tons of other fabric from Daniel's parents. So I cut all the other squares and then sewed them.
The green inspired number is Isaac's.
The blue with the constellation looking center is Samuel's.
And the lovely purple is Ruthann's.
Those are the tops. Now I will work on the middles and the binding then quilt the squares. Easy peasy lemon squeezy and a very inexpensive gift! And I know they will be the source of warm comfy Joy on movie nights!
Last night I got a knock at the door.
Remember this fun new bread basket?
I mentioned tears of Joy at new tea towels to go in it.
My lovely neighbor Mandy handed me a plate of cookies and then handed me something else and said "I brought you some Joy".
Tea Towels!
Just in time for Christmas bread sticks!
And red!
My favorite color of all time.
And wonderful for Christmas rolls.
Joy in a basket.
Minus the bread sticks.
Thank you Mandy!
So there is my Joy for this week.
I hope your week has been as full of Joy as mine!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you have done for me.

Kim said...

FUN cookie party!! What a sweet neighbor to bring you some Joy! Now you need a get-together to use them for.

Kim said...

OH!! And the quilts are awesome!! They will love them, I'm sure of it.