Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Little Bite.

That seems to be how we like our spoons. You know, when you are sure you have put every single last spoon into the dishwasher and then rinse all the yuck down the drain and start the garbage disposal and then you hear it. The spoon. The one you missed. Cause it was in the drain, too. And it's never the same spoon.
Here is just a sampling of the spoon carnage.
And then there's the token fork.
And only one fork.
I hate using the spoons that become disposal carnage. They rip my lip.
But here they've stayed. In my kitchen. In the drawer. And on to the table.
I guess it's time to move on and dump them.
Goodbye fair spoons. I enjoyed eating cereal from your bowl.
Ice cream tasted better when coming off of you.
May no other lips be ripped from the carnage you sustained in the disposal.
Sniff. Sniff.


Kates said...

I have many spoons that look just like those! And why is it that the FORKS are never the ones that end up in the disposal? Only the spoons? Some freak law of nature or something. We like the cheap 3 for $1 spoons at Wal Mart. we buy them by the gross!

Kim said...

Hahaha!! We have a funny crab leg fork that Jacob loves to use because it's different from the others from being bent by a crab leg. I'm glad that you are choosing to not get beat up by your tortured spoons any more.