Tuesday, February 15, 2011


A phone call from uncle Lewis this morning revealed that our goat friends up north have begun to multiply. He asked if we were multiplying. Not yet. He said to check their udders. (eeeewwww) And that will let us know.
Hey Oreo!!
She wouldn't turn around for me.
She was busy with the salt lick.
Me? I just eat chips.
And I wasn't gonna walk through the poopy grass, excuse me, fertilized grass, to check her udder.
So I suppose this is as good an angle as any.
Still. I don't see anything.
Blackjack here is always at just the right picture taking angle.
But I couldn't see her udder.
Maybe the kids will have to go check them out today.
I'm really hoping those kids come when the weather's good.
It would be a shame to have to go out in the coming snow.
Just kidding.
The mamas arrived on a very rainy day.
I guess it would just fit that their kids come on a snowy day.
But still, I'm hoping the weather's good.
Pray for me. Please.

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Kim said...

Oh MY! I'm assuming that they STILL haven't come since you haven't posted about them yet. Good luck!!! (That's something that I hope I don't have to ever have to deal with.) But the babies will be so fun!!