Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby Month.

It's February. That means goat kids.
Look here at Oreo.
She's about ready to pop.
The kids think she's have 2 kids.
And then there is Blackjack.
She has thinned down.
Daniel and I am wondering if the kid died.
Or she's having a super small kid.
When Uncle Lewis comes again, he'll take Cas and get her, um,
"with kid". I guess it's called breeding.
Do we really want to breed her?
These are the ones we're waiting on.
I'm really hoping they'll be born without problem and without my help.
Wish me luck!
And...be honest, you thought it was our baby month, didn't you?


Jen said...

Goodness, those are some big bellies! I'll be crossing my fingers, that you won't have to help bring a "kid" into the world. Yikes. I really think I would have a serious episode if I ever had to do that.

Kim said...

I WAS hoping that it was your baby, but I didn't think you'd announce it like that. I reeeeaaaalllllyyyy hope that you don't have to help the goats have their kids!! Ack!! I hope everyone comes out smoothly! (hahahah!!!)

Andrea said...

Well, maybe it will be our baby month, maybe!! LOL!!

Single Women Adopting Children said...

Okay- you did fool me. I have to see pictures of the baby goats! What do you do with them? Mila would love to see them.

So great to see you the other day!