Friday, February 4, 2011

The Year Of The Ribbit.

I mean RABBIT!
Chinese New Year was on Wednesday. And now it's Friday. But since the whole thing is called Spring Festival in China and lasts for 2 weeks, I figure it was all good. I put our Chinese characters on the front door. Spring. Good Fortune. Good Luck. And I put the lanterns up by the front door and above the kitchen table. Festive.
We decided to tone down the Chinese New Year festivities this year. I won't explain. So just accept it. We did choose to go out to a Chinese restaurant this year. On Friday night!
Is it just me or is my face slimmer?
Now I want to clarify some things. Isaac is not asleep. Daniel's head isn't really shaped like that.
Thank you. Now that that's out of the way...
We got the dinner for a family of 5. And wished we had invited another family to join us.
Kim H.---next year.
There was so much food!! So much food!! So! Much! Food!
We brought home enough to last the weekend.
I was so proud of Sam, who has been on a weird hunger strike for ages now. He tried a ton of stuff. But not the shrimp. I didn't try the shrimp either. It has to do with my fear of water and stuff in the ocean. I'm grossing myself out now.
We had a fun night together. Now Daniel and I are going to spend my last evening in my 30's together.
Good night!


Jen said...

Happy Chinese New Year! You do look thinner! When I saw you at church last Sunday, I thought to myself, how good you look.

What a fun tradition for your family!

Kim said...

WE ARE SO THERE!! We had Chinese take-out and thought we should've invited you!!! Happy Chinese New Year!!! Year of the Rabbitt is gonna be good!!!

Kristi said...

You look great, I'm going to have to try that wii fit. Oh course I want to try the Chinese food more - loooove Chinese food.

Kim said...

Wowie!!! That's A LOT of food! Happy toned-down Chinese New Year!

Kim said...

p.s. - you DO look fabulous

Single Women Adopting Children said...

Happy Birthday Jennie! The 40's are great! I speak from 1 year of experience:)