Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Drat Files. Period.

Some weeks ago there was a run of vandalism in our neighborhood. Some of our school's windows were broken. Some of our church's windows were broken. Trees were uprooted in our park and there was damage done to the restrooms at the park. Inside the house part of the neighborhood there was mailbox destruction. And then this... The nice tree in our front yard.

But this wasn't done by vandals. This was done by Mother Nature herself. Rats! The wind cracked our tree. Oh, and the our flag pole. So, no, we haven't gotten stagnant on our patriotism. The pole is just busted. And the tree is gone. Drat!
That weekend we went to a local demolition derby. We LOVE these things. Destruction. Noise. Dirt. Fire. You know. Just the normal stuff. But before this one even got started, the sun was beating down and we got cranky. It was flamin' hot and miserable. Our water got drinked really fast and so we left early. So. Yeah. Drat!

Even though there will be more drat to come, there is lots of fun coming!! Just you wait!

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Kim said...

I heard abt the church and school. That just stinks. I'm sorry abt your tree!!