Friday, July 29, 2011

My Favorite Things.

I simply remember my favorite things ..... And then I don't feel so bad! Aah. I like Julie Andrews. And I like The Sound Of Music. Here are a few of my favorites right now.

These guys. No need to explain. They just are.

Have you tried the new Mango Pineapple smoothie from Mcds? Holy Cats Batman. Good stuff. My new favorite treat! Try it. You'll like it.

I am a dryer sheet fanatic. I have used them since I was old enough to do laundry. But they get messy. You know, they end up all over the house and fly out of the trash because they are light and fluffy. Then I tried this. You stick it in the dryer.

And you don't have to remember to put a sheet in and you don't have to track the sheet down when you pull the clean clothes out. It's lovely. The packaging says it lasts 4 months. This is my second one in half the time. I guess I do a ton of laundry. Try it. You'll like it.

And finally, my blog books. This year I got one book. I guess the blog train has slowed a bit the last year. But I love it still.

Daniel put a quote from Time Bandits in the front. If you haven't seen Time Bandits. Do it. You'll like it.

As a surprise, Daniel did an extra this year. Once Upon A Time. It's our story that I blogged a couple of years ago. On the edge there is says, "The love story of Daniel and Jennie". I love it.

And of course, he put another Time Bandits quote on the inside. Funny guy!


Anonymous said...

That is such a cute idea to have your blog turned into a book! I'm sure you love those. I'll have to try the dryer sheet out. I've given up on them completely lately so I'll have to see how this sticky one works :)

Kates said...

I'm laughing my head off at the Time Bandits quotes! I still can't get Sean to watch that. "I must have fruit!"