Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Ranch and The Other Tire Story.

Hey! I'm on a roll. Here's another post already! We spent a weekend up at the Ranch with grandma and grandpa and aunt Mary Alice, uncle Richard and 2 of their kids, Austin and Audrey. We had loads of fun. One day it rained. And rained. See the rain?
Look at the grumpy girl. She didn't want to go for a ride with us in the Durango. We had new tires and could drive 2 mile road without thought. But we were disrupting 4 wheeler riding. But it had just rained buckets, so we were going somewhere else. Sam came too. Isaac got out of it.

Here's what happened to the new tires we'd just put on the Durango. Caked with mud. It had just rained buckets, remember? Duh. Driving on dirt roads that have just been rained buckets on turn to mud roads. Deep mud roads.

We sloshed and slushed and thought we were gonna die as we swished from one side of the road to the other. One side was mountain, the other? drop off. But we got some great pictures of the surrounding beauty as we sloshed and slushed along.

Beautiful flowers and stuff. Everything had just been washed from the rain and was clean and bright!

But the road wasn't. It was just deep mud. And so on we went.

It's really hard to tell how much mud was really there. My tires aren't that thick. There was like 3 inches of mud on each tire and caked under the truck. But, boy was it fun!

When we got to gravel road we enjoyed the scenery better. We also took potty breaks. But I didn't get pics of that. There were lots of cows and calves and sheep. We saw this deer, too. Did you know that the deer in the mountains of southern Idaho have one side of legs shorter than the other? It's so they can stand on the mountain side and eat. When Daniel told me that I believed him. Then I started thinking about when they wanted to turn and walk the other way... April Fool! Daniel laughed pretty heartily at my expense. Don't worry. I'm used to it. And I laugh plenty at him in turn!

I'm so glad I got so many pictures of the prettiness. But the only people pic is the one of Ruthie girl up there. Sheesh. It is pretty. But my kids are way cuter! When we got back to the Ranch Richard and Mary Alice and their kids and Isaac had gone 4 wheeling. When they came back they told us about the tracks on the road that looked like someone slid all the way through. That would be us. So glad we made such an impression!

We had a great time and got to ride 4 wheelers to our hearts' content. Eating great food, shooting guns and totally not sleeping. We slept really well when we got home and even missed Sacrament meeting. Yikes! We are so glad we have a fun place to go that even has a shower with hot water now! It's definitely a great family getaway.

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Kim said...

Sounds like lots of fun!! That's so funny abt the tracks that they found from your Durango.